Mardi Gras reflections

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Dec 3, 1999
FYI, I went to Mardi Gras last night (3/17). I gotta use my 2-park pass to its fullest potential! Anyway, I'm not going to go long this time (I'm getting tired). Since I usually lean to the Disney side of things, my mind was on default to hate the entire thing. I didn't enjoy Halloween Horror Nights, I had mixed feelings w/ Grinchmas so MG was pretty much in the same vicinity.

I thought I was pretty cool for a celebration.

This was the final MG for 2001, so I guess it was a lot more festive. Not to mention it was St. Pats Day and a lot of people were getting wasted anyways. It was pretty festive indeed. It must be the beads during the parade that makes every single person in the crowd a bunch of manaics. I guess I did go overboard, yelling for a bunch of cheap plastic, but when was the last time I got something for free in a theme park? (Notwithstanding the MSEP Litho) I almost got one of those electrical ones...until someone was really eager to grab it...and tear it apart!

I do appreciate the way Universal handled the parade to have a New Orleans flavor. Dancers, confetti and of course the beads made it very exciting for me to experience. I did stick for a few to watch Blues Traveller perform. I haven't heard these guys in a long time. The announcers mentioned they were from New York, so that got me in a cheer :) The main vocalist John Popper (I think that's his name) who is usually huge lost a TON of weight! Kudos to him.

The only thing that I didn't like about the parade is that the concert stage area had poor crowd control early on. I wish they could just stick people to the curbs. With the exceptions of some parades I saw at WDW in the summer, there were wall to wall people watching. I can't imagine what the crowds be for the final MSEP performance April 1st! I guess since I didn't give much of a fight, I really came up with a shorter amount of beads to come home with.

If I had some booze it would have been even better, but I only came by myself for tonight and driving drunk is not cool.



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I don't know about you, but I do know of someone's DH who made an absolute fool of himself for those beads. He sang and danced (even with the male ballerinas!) and was so uninhibited, you would have sworn he was drunk... And he is usually so quiet and broody...thank goodness only close friends from the board saw this exhibition. And thank goodness for all those beads and coins... :D
Mardi Gras was excellent! My mother, sister, 2 children and a baby had a Great time catching the beads, watching the floats and listening to the great music! From what I read in previous posts, it was very UNDERrated! I would love to go next March at the same time so we won't miss it! My children absolutely loved it!
Mardi Gras was fun!!! MY DH, DD and myself were able to ride a float during the parade :) You would not believe how people get into yelling and dancing to get someone to throw them a strand of 3 cent beads!! :) I even had some guy pulling up his shirt showing me his chest!!!!!
Needless to say it will be a memory our family will cherish and laught about forever!!! I hope we can go back for it again another year!! :)


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