March PS's & Illuminations Cruise Too Easy??


Oct 17, 2000
Hopefully It's a sign that the crowds during our upcoming trip will be light. I called a few days ago to make some PS's ( 1900 Park Fare at 7:30 AM, Biergarten, Teppanyaki ) during our March 9-16 4 day land portion of our cruise package. We got each at the exact time we requested. Feeling adventurous, I then called WDW-PLAY about a Illuminations Cruise and THAT was available so we booked it (will be our first!!). Maybe we won't have to commando it like we usually do but my family actually prefers our guerilla touring. Anyone else experiencing the same or is it just wishful thinking on my part?
I don't know, but I found the same thing when making PS's for the week before Easter and Easter day. I got every PS I wanted at the first time I requested them for. I know I'm happy knowing that I got what I want, but it felt weird to know I booked Easter Brunch for exactly where and the the time I wanted without any hitch. I even had backups in mind. Have a great vacation!
I hope it's a good sign too! We will be there the week before you, and I had no problem getting any of our PS's either. I also got the Pirate Cruise and backstage Train tour no problemo. I hope the crowds are fairly light- the only other time I have been to WDW was in mid- January 8 years ago and there were zippo crowds...I was spoiled. :D I only have one more PS to make- for Bistro de Paris and I guess you have to wait 30 days out for that one.
Thanks for the responses - This will be the first time we've gone outside our usual trips in early December - kids are getting too old to pull out of school. We've probably become spoiled - last time we went in 2000, the longest wait we had for any attraction was - of all places- The Maelstrom and that was only twenty minutes. Have fun!!
we're going the first week of march and i got all my ps as i wanted.
i even got cinderella's breakfast on the first try! i called, got right through and got the time i wanted! i was shocked!
me too....this is getting me a little worried. I had a whole plan of attack this morning..... to get cindy's . I got through on the first try and got a decent seating. I have a couple more ps's to make ....I hope it goes as easy for these.:smooth:
FYI: We're going March 11-16 and I, too have had no problem getting PS's, even the Illuminations cruise! Also, the resorts, even the deluxes, are all significantly discounted, which is unusual for March, so I hear. Personally, I'll be pleased if crowds are manageable.
Just to add to the general concensus, I called last week to book a room for Feb 20th for 7 nights and had no problem getting my first choice - ASMo. I thought sure I'd be stuck with another All Star choice. I also had no problem with the discount code on the room rate.
We will be there starting 3/12 and made PS the other night and had to problem either- got everything we wanted:p . Have to wait next week to try for Cindy's- keeping our fingers crossed.


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