March 29 - April 5

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  1. wandawoman

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    Feb 1, 2007
    We are going two weeks after Easter. I know they say that this can be a busy time at Disney but we went two weeks after Easter in 2002 and the all of the parks were EMPTY! We literally walked right on almost every ride and very few of the rides were full. This year I'm taking my 4 and 6 year old for their first trip to Disney (I'm pulling the 6 year old from school for the week). I'm hoping we'll get lucky and it will be as empty as it was in 2002. I figure the real Easter crowd will have just left. Any thoughts on this theory?

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    :cool1: Happy Planning :goodvibes :goodvibes :) :wizard: :cloud9: :goodvibes :dance3: :goodvibes
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    I'm from Canada and DH and I are going during Spring Break (Mar 27- Apr 6). I hope that the Easter crowd will be gone but it still maybe busy with people on Spring Break.....Good Luck. But no matter how busy it is I'm sure your children will enjoy it! :goodvibes

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