Man Robs Bank to take Disney Cruise

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    Would-be Disney cruiser robbed credit union, cops say

    May 3, 2013|By Jerriann Sullivan and Arelis R. Hernández, Orlando Sentinel

    Instead of sipping Mai Tais on the Lido Deck on a Disney Cruise ship, a North Carolina man is spending his Florida vacation in the Brevard County Jail.

    Cedric Royce Swinson, 37, robbed a Satellite Beach credit union after realizing he didn't have enough money for the Disney cruise his family was about to board, according to Commander Brad Hodge with the Satellite Beach Police Department.

    "He drove all night but couldn't access his account and didn't want to disappoint the kids," Hodge said. "I've been in law enforcement for 25 years and this will definitely go down in my top 10 cases."

    At about 10:40 a.m. Wednesday, Swinson left his girlfriend and her two children inside their white sport-utility vehicle while he wrote a note demanding money at the teller's window and put his hand inside his jacket to suggest he had a gun. No weapons were found.

    The bank alarm and a 911 call from a bank teller alerted police, who were able to locate Swinson and an "undisclosed amount of money" about six minutes later on State Road A1A.

    "He was extremely cooperative and was concerned with ensuring police knew he acted alone," Hodge said.

    Swinson's girlfriend was not arrested.

    Swinson's arrest could provide a learning experience for people who get carried away by spending on luxury products and exotic destinations.

    "In the moment, a Disney cruise may seem like the most important thing, but if we stop and breathe and remind ourselves who and what our priorities really are, the material and temporary things we are in hot pursuit of seem less important," clinical psychologist and University of Central Florida Professor Stacey Dunn said. "Who we are is always more meaningful than what we have or where we go."

    Disney cruises are known for their magical experiences and above-average prices, The Disney Blog Founder John Frost said.

    "You're surrounded by Disney magic more than anywhere else on the planet," Frost said. "This gentlemen might have gone a step or two too far though."

    Frost's unending passion for Disney led him to start his own blog on the theme park and helped him learn a few tricks to make the magical experience more affordable.

    "Plan in advance, keep an eye out for deals online, book interior cabins that are cheaper," Frost said. "A few of us do what we call 'couponing to Disney' where we use coupons elsewhere and put what we saved toward our next trip."

    Swinson was taken to the Brevard County Jail and charged with robbery, grand theft and driving on a suspended license, according to records. or 407-420-5620
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