MAGIC May 19-26 *Surial Bath*

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    Apr 9, 2001
    After reading so many reports on the spa treatment called "Surial Bath", we decided to try it.
    It was late in the day Saturday before I even went up to the spa room to check on availablity. I was surprised to find that the day we wanted (Wed-St.Thomas) was wide open. I booked for a 10am treatment and when I got back to the room, received a call from the spa letting us know that there would be a crew drill during the same time and would we like to make another appointment, we chose later in the afternoon (Wed) at 3pm.
    When we arrived, we were given robes and locker keys and shown were to change. We were then taken to the room and was told what to do and "to do whatever" we wanted to do ;). There is a lock on the inside of the door.
    The room is alot bigger than I thought. It is divided into two seperate areas. The outside area has a small table with the "mud", 2 glasses of water, salt, and 4 different bottles of skin care. There is a bench built in to the wall that had a couple of towels and several bottles of different shampoo. On one end of the room is a shower, on the other end is a glass door that leads into another room. In this room is three stalls (could more than two use this?). Each having a built in seat with head and body shower. There is a stand in the middle of this room withe cold water (it does get HOT:eek: , in the spa).
    It was fun to do, but it did take longer to get all of the mud off. We did receive a knock on the door advising us that we had 10 min left.
    We were given 1 hour to ourselves in the spa. Kathy, our guide, was very nice and not once did she or anyone else ask us to purchase any of the products. Once completed, we were asked to sign for the treatment. There was an area for optional tip.
    Overall, we enjoyed the time together and the experance, but would have to say that when we sail again, we will not bother with the spa. However, our skin did feel a lot softer than before! :)
    HINT: The days that the ship is in port, is the best time to do the spa as the options are wide open.

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