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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Akess, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Jan 16, 2012
    Is anyone on the Disboards familiar with Lug Life products? I am wondering if the Lug Life Puddle Jumper bag would be too big to use as a personal item to carry on the plane (Delta airlines). We will have four traveling in our party to Disney World, me, my husband, my daughter (14), and my daughter's friend (14). Me, my daughter, and her friend will each have a Vera Bradley weekender bag as our official carry-on and my husband will have his own (non-Vera Bradley) carry-on bag. I was initially planning on purchasing a Vera Bradley Villager or Pleated Tote for me, my daughter, and her friend to use as our personal item to carry our wallet, kindle and/or iPad, magazines and/or a book, camera, iPod, cellphone, travel pillow, gum, snacks, hand sanitizer, chapstick, tissues, prescription medication, and bottle of water purchased in the airport. I see that Lug Life offers a smaller bag, the Mini Puddle Jumper, but I will also have a laptop that would only fit in the regular Puddle Jumper. If I am making a purchase of this sort, I also want to make sure the bag I am buying will serve a purpose in the future, which the Puddle Jumper will since it can be used by my daughter and her friend for their school sports, and the bag will fit in their school locker.

    Like I mentioned above, I want to make sure this bag will not be too big to count as our personal item. I always bring a thick pair of slipper socks or my Ugg Dakota slippers to change into when I am traveling (usually by car), so the shoe compartment in the Lug Life Puddle Jumper is appealing to me for that factor as well. The last time I flew was in 2003, which then we were not charged to check bags. My intent in wanting to use this bag is for the organization and potential for future use. I do not plan on stuffing it full with additional changes of clothes to avoid checking any bags at all. Reasonably, my bag would be slightly fuller than the girls because I will be transporting the laptop, but my daughter's friend does not have a Kindle or e-reader (and she is a reader), so she will be bringing a book that will take up a little more space. Regardless, however, none of our bags would be bulging.
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    No need to detail every item you will pack and the reason for doing so, although I am happy to know that your husband will not be carrying a Vera Bradley bag, ;). We just needed the bag dimensions, which appear to be 14.5 x 15.5 x 6. This should fit under most seats if you don't overpack.

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