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Earning My Ears
Jan 27, 2002
We are going on our 1st cruise next 2/03 Wonder. My sister got us all Cat.6 rooms with varandahs. Any imfo. on rooms would be great. My concern is we all have smaller kids ages 3-8 our son will be the oldest 12. My concern is the varandahs without pexiglass?? Can you request a room with pexiglass??When would we do that? We have 5 rooms resv. the cruise will be the 2nd part of our 7 day land/sea we are staying at Poly on land. Any comments on that one?? Heard and saw pic. very nice. We are looking for a hotel very reasonable to stay 1st night before 1st park day? Is it better to do Character Breakfast on land or sea? I'm waiting for the land/sea video tapes to arrive. This will be a big vacation for the whole family 4 girls/hubbies our parents 7 kids. I just want it to be a perfect vacation. Am I right we just need legal birth doc's for everyone? When doe's all the rest of the trip doc's arrive?? I assume after have paid in full?? Any imfo. would be great. 1yr./1 month to go and counting....:pinkbounc
Hi Becky and welcome to the DIS Cruise Board.

If you will let me know which cabins you have reserved, we can let you know if they are plexiglass or not. (Most are plexiglass, only those behind the Cat 7's in the aft are not)

As for Character Breakfast, it looks like you will be doing either a 3 or 4 day cruise. I do not believe they offer a character breakfast on those cruises. Either way, I think that Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary or Pooh at the Crystal Palace are the best Character Breakfast on land or on sea.

For a cheap hotel before you cruise, I suggest the resort board. They are real the best at those questions. They know all the current information on the hotel in and around WDW.

Yes you will need either legal birth certificates (and a photo id) or a passort for everyone who is cruising.

The documents arrive approximately 2 to 4 weeks before you sail.

Have a great vacation aboard the Disney Wonder - we know we did.
The verandas all have plexiglass or metal on them. They are very safe. The doors out to the veranda are also easy to secure so that the kids can't get out there unless you know about it. OUr land/sea was at the Poly, and it is great for kids--they will love the volcano pool and the whole complex. It is very convenient to MK and Epcot. The resorts board has lots of info on the poly--the rooms are huge. As to the character breakfast--I don't think that they have one on the wonder, so you would want to do one at WDW. As to id's, currently for kids (under 18) a certified (raised seal) birth certificate is required. For those over 18, a picture id and either a birth certificate or passport is required. Our land/sea was as close to perfect a vacation as I have ever had. It will be great for the whole family.
hi BeckyB

We will be crusing 2/03 too!!

We have a 5 year old son---

From what I read there will be alot of Character ops on the ship-- I planned only one character meal in Disney-- Just for that reason and being that the park hours are not as long we didn't want to spend too much in a resturarant.

It sound like some of us are meeting at the ESPN Skybox on Sunday-- Hope you can join us---

We kick our vaction tomorrow at the HRH. IOA & UA then to CBR, MK, MGM, AK and the Ship on Sunday!!!!!!!!!:pinkbounc

I have photos of the verandahs on my website at www.castawayclub.com
Check them out and you will be relieved...the plexiglass is very secure and will keep any little ones from trying to climb. I'm sure you will have an awesome trip...we'll be boarding right after you, on the 7th, for #19.
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