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Aug 21, 1999
i just had a couple of questions. We will be staying at FW in Aug and Dec this
year. I will be traveling with a handicap child who uses a wheel chair.We have
29 foot trailer. I was thinking about requesting Loop 1400. Going to all parks
except MK we will be driving our self, but MK will will use the boat. At 1 st I wanted t
to be in Loop 100 or 200 but I think that being at 1400 will allow us better access
to using things at Fort Wilderness. Any opions would be welcome. Thanks
i say go with the 1400 loop, its close to the campfire program, the meadows pool, the meadows trading post and the bike barn, the 100 & 200 are close to transportation to MK, close to the settlement trading post, Pioneer Hall (Hoop Dee Doo) and Crockett's tavern, River Country,

We have not been in 100 or 200, we have stayed in 400 but our all time favorite is 1400 loop right behind the campfire program.
Thanks Scott
1 more question . Do you think it is realalistic to plan on walking to the boat launh for Mk
or is it to far? The buses can be a little difficult with a wheelchair. thanks
yes it can be done, it would be quicker by bus, how ever with the wheelchair loading on the bus it actually may be quicker to just walk there, i would say take the bus back from the TTC it will drop you off at the loop,

I would suggest 400 or 700. These loops have larger campsites and you can easily walk to the marina, Pioneer Hall and the Settlement trading post. They would be much more convenient then 1400. The closest bus stop is the Settlement stop and we have found the bus service in general better there. If you are planning to spend a lot time at the campfire, trading post area etc then 1400 is a good loop. 1400 is also a double loop, with a smaller inner loop surrounded by an outer loop. Either way make sure to have it noted on your resv that you have a disabled guest in your party. My father cannot walk very far and they are very accommodating when he stays with us.
we usually camp in the 600-700 loop and ask for an inside loop. It is close enough to walk to the boat launch and the camp fire. Plus the sites were fairly large too! One nice thing you can take a boat over to the MK and then hop on the monorail and change again to Epcot. I just hate to drive once we are there and have found that isn't too bad to do.

I don't know about the Fort Wilderness boats, but I know the other boats are sometimes not accessible to wheelchair/ecv users due to the water levels. I think Lisapooh has said she had some problems with the FW boats.
It might not be a problem depending on how heavy your wheelchair is. We have lisfted our DD in her wheelchair onto boats before when it was a little to high to just go up like a curb, but you couldn't do that with a heavy chair.
Thanks Sue
I usually post over on the disABILITIES board but I was hoping to get some info from
some camping veterans. My dd chair is a PANDA chair which my my DH can easily lift.
My dd has limited walking so I can take her out of the chair and help her into a seat. Thanks
dependinfg on the water level you should be ale to roll the chair into the boat, I believe they do have a ramp if needed, we usually just roll the stroller into the boat so a chair should not be a problem.


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