Looking for ideas...


Earning My Ears
Mar 7, 2018
Heading down to Orlando in July for a quick weekend getaway with some friends. They are staying on property and I am staying over by Disney Springs. What's a single gay to do in the area?

Chupaca bruh

May 20, 2019
I always rent a car on our trips. With a car you can drive around the area and check other attractions out or go over to Kennedy Space Center or over to Sarasota and see the Ringling museum. No car? I would just stick to going to the parks and visiting resorts. If you are talking about gay clubs or events I don't know as my trips we always Disney focused and other stuff in Florida. We did go to Mannequins Dance Palace on a Thursday not long ago though. My husband amuses himself on Grinder while in the parks to see if there is anyone else there. Once we were standing right near them and they both laughed.