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Aug 19, 1999
We're going to the World in March and I'm looking for a place to get a cheap rental car for 9 days. Any suggestions?
Alamo thru Priceline worked like a dream for our last trip. We enrolled in their Quicksilver program and were allowed to use the Quicksilver desk even though they don't usually allow Priceline customers that courtesy. We got a mid-size car for about $16/day.

One tip for the return of the car, we drove to the airport, skycap checked our luggage and then returned the car. We didn't have to lug all of our luggage onto the shuttle and then check it in and that helped with a 2 and 4 year old.
I got a standard car (=fullsize at Alamo) for 140. for the week, inclusive. (15.00 base rate per day)
Now, I am going to take Bev's advice and that of the previous poster and use the QuickSilver desk to check in. Alamo did say Priceline folks could use the Express check in desk, but, I have no clue what or where that is. Wonder if it is the QS desk by the same name.


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Can you specify with Quicksilver that you wish a car rental which is ON-SITE at the Orlando Airport. Some companies,i.e. HERTZ, are not on the airport grounds.



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Thanks for the info..are there any other places like priceline where you can bid on rentals or is Priceline the only one?
I think Quicksilver is Alamo's express check-in program - doesn't apply to other car rentals, and they're off-site and you'll need to take the shuttle to get the car.

I could be wrong, of course...


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I would try Priceline. I got a Dollar rental for 15 days. I paid only $22 a day for a Lincoln Towncar (luxury). This was in Aug. so it wasn't what they consider to be a slow time!

I got on site at the airport, but all of the car agencies have shuttles.

Good Luck!


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Is Dollar still offering the $199/wk minivan promotion like they did the past few years? Any discount codes would be appreciated.
I currently have a reservation with National for next week for an intermediate car at $125.25. This price includes all taxes and fees, and works out to $17.89/day. I imagine without taxes and fees it would be comparable to the $15/day rates people are getting through Priceline (if not lower).

I'm and Emerald Club member and used the codes that Gail and others have posted on this board. Try doing a search and you should come up with them. I don't have the codes handy or I'd post them.
Thanks for all the info. I'm going to go searching for some codes.
I'm getting a National rental in Sarasota mid-march and am paying over $200 for mid size and used codes from this website and entertainment card. What is the FVG code??????
FVG is Florida Vacation Guide...

a publication in florida ......with coupons and discounts ......etc...
Are Codes that work with Dollar car rental. I know that FVG is Florida Vacation Guide, and the code is found on the Dollar ad's in that publication. KISS must be for a Kissimee publication?

Rented an SUV with Dollar last year, this year we're using Priceline - Full size, 14 days $16 a day through National.


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