Look out Florida, here we come! Day 6: Magic Kingdom and Epcot... Our last day

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    Cast of Characters:

    Mom- 39
    Dad- 39
    Piglet- me! 13-yo girl
    Eeyore- 13-yo girl
    Buzz Lightyear- 10-yo boy
    Pluto- 6-yo boy

    Sunday, 11/12

    We got to MK around 9:15- this was the closest we got to being at a park when it opened! We hadn't eaten breakfast at HIFS, and we figured we would get breakfast somewhere at MK. Dad went to get FP for Buzz Lightyear while Mom took the kids to the Guest Services to turn in a stuffed animal we had found the night before.

    Then we walked through the castle to get to Fantasyland and met Dad at the Winnie the Pooh ride. Mom, Dad and Pluto found Baloo and wanted his pic and autograph. Eeyore, Buzz, and I looked in the gift shop by the ride and found a stuffed Eeyore for my friend. I had been looking for something all week. What we didn't know was that while we were in the store, Mom, Dad, and Pluto were done w/ Baloo and coudn't find us. We found them in line for the ride a few minutes later. We rode Pooh, which only had a 20 min wait and bought the stuffed Eeyore for my friend. Then we rode Peter Pan which also had a a 20 min. wait. Mom and Dad wanted to take a pic of me holding the Eeyore in front of the Carrousel because when I was 2, I bought an Eeyore and they took a pic of me holding it there.

    We then went back through the castle and went to Tomorrowland to use our FP for Buzz Lightyear. I think there is a target somewhere in the beginning that I missed, so I only had like 5000 pts at the end. When we got off, we were all hungry because it was 11:15 or so and we hadn't eaten any breakfast. We couldn't find any breakfast food, and we kind of forgot about it anyway.

    Mom and Pluto decided to check out Cosmic Ray's while Dad, Eeyore, Buzz and I got FP for Space Mtn. We ate at Cosmic Ray's, where Pluto enjoyed the singing alien. When we got done eating, it had just reached the beginning of the FP time for Space Mtn, so we got more FP for Buzz Lightyear. We then rode Carousel of Progress to let our food settle before Space Mtn. It was cute, but the song gets permanently stuck in your head. Then Mom and Pluto rode the TTA while the rest of us rode Space Mtn. We think that the left side is different from the right side, even though they're supposed to be the same. it seems like it's faster and has steeper hills.

    After Space Mtn, we tried to go see Timekeeper until our Buzz Lightyear FP time. A show had just started and we would have had to wait 15 min. We decided to do the TTA instead. That was Mom and Pluto's 3rd time. When we got off, there was a cool band playing in front of Carousel of Progress, so we watched them for a little while. Then we went and used our FP for Buzz Lightyear. There was a really long line to use the FP, but then it started moving really fast. Don't know why there was a line. We all got higher scores in the ride this time.

    Then we went to Toontown, because Mom and Pluto hadn't been through Mickey and Minnie's houses, and we wanted to try to get more characters. We went through the houses, then went to the Toontown Hall of Fame to see what characters were there. We hadn't found any princesses (other than Snow White) or Piglet. We knew that they probably wouldn't be at Epcot. In the Hall of Fame, we found Cinderella, Donald, and Chip and Dale. We asked about Piglet, and they told us he was too shy to come out, the same answer we got from the people at Crystal Palace. The CM at the Hall of Fame said that we would have a hard time finding Piglet, because he doesn't come out very often.

    By this time it was after 2:00, and we wanted to leave MK before people started lining up for the parade. We got on the train in Toontown and rode back around to Main st. Dad and the big kids went to the confectionary to get some treats, while Mom and Pluto checked the Camera shop for characters. This was a great tip we got from the DIS. Inside, we found Suzy and Perla (mice from Cinderella), Belle, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, and Dopey. There was almost no one there but us.

    We said goodbye to MK, and Dad wanted to take the Ferryboat back to the TTC. We sat and waited for the ferryboat for at least 10 min before we realized that only one was running and it was on the other side. We decided that it would be smarter to take the monorail. We got back to the TTC, got the car, and drove to Epcot.

    By now it was about 4:00, we had a 6:00 PS for Garden Grill, and we still had to visit 4 countries in the World Showcase and half of Future World. We had hoped to get all this done so we could watch ToN and illuminations again.

    On the way to Mexico, we realized it was time for the character bus at Showcase Plaza. We were walking across the bridge to the World Showcase and saw Piglet! Mom started running. We finally found Piglet! We got Piglet's pic and autograph, and then started to try to get to the characters we hadn't seen yet. On the way to see Mushu, we lost Dad in the crowd. That wouldn't have been a problem, except that he had the camera. We finally found him and went to see Mushu. There were a few more characters that we hadn't seen, but there were too many people and we wanted to finish Epcot. While trying to get out of the crowd, Eeyore and Buzz accidently walked in front of people who were trying to take a picture of a character. One lady yelled at them and got very nasty. Dad, who was getting frustrated, remarked, "They're just kids. I think the parents get more into this than the kids."

    We finally made it to Mexico, where we continued w/ the masks, hats, and passport we had been doing on saturday. We rode the ride, and moved on to Norway. We decided we didn't have time to ride the ride w/ a 20 min wait. While Dad and the boys did the masks, Mom and the girls bought a pretzel and a Millenium dessert for everyone to share. they were really good. We moved on to China, where Dad wanted to see the movie, but we didn't have time. We watched the acrobats for a few minutes, and did the masks, hats, and passport. Pluto bought a bird puppet. The last country we needed was Germany. we had just enough time to get there and ride the launch back to future world before our PS.

    We got to Garden Grill right at 6, but had to wait about 20 min. the food was good, and we saw Chip and Dale and Mickey. This was the 3rd time we got pics w/ Chip and Dale! The meal took a long time because our server was very slow, but overall we liked the restaurant.

    After dinner, Buzz decided that he wanted a puppet like Pluto's from China, and Eeyore wanted a shirt she had seen at UK. Dad took Buzz to get the puppet, and Mom took Eeyore, Pluto and I to get the shirt. it was almost time for the ToN, so we were running through the World Showcase, trying to get out before it started. While we were eating, we had decided to skip watching it again and try to do more in Future World.

    We met up w/ Dad and Buzz at the end of the Imagination ride. None of us liked the ride that much... we liked the old one better. We played in the jumping fountains 4 a few minutes, and then went to Ice Station Cool. we tried all of the drinks. The watermelon one (I forget what it was called) was the best one. The Beverley was disgusting. I don't know why Italians drink it. We ran into Innoventions as it was closing to send some e-mail postcards to our friends. Then Eeyore and Buzz went to look around in Mouse Gears while the rest of us watched as much of Illuminations as we could see from a spot near the bridge. Dad was still trying to figure out how they get the video on the globe.

    We, along w/ half the people in the park, went to Mouse Gears when Illuminations was over. We looked for Eeyore and Buzz, but couldn't find them. Dad finally found them outside. We bought our last souveniers, then turned in the stroller and said goodbye to Epcot and Disney World. We all felt a little sad to be leaving WDW. :(

    When we got back to HIFS, Dad took the kids to the pool while Mom started packing. We head home in the morning.

    Next- Day 7: going home (an adventure in itself) and final thoughts
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    Your day sounded fun. I believe you are like we are...try to do as much as possible in a day! Thanks for posting. :)

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    It is amazing to me how fast time goes while you are in the world. Thanks for posting!

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