Loews says - no entertainment rate and loews first combined?


Feb 13, 2001
I just called Loews to make reservations for early april.I told them we were entertainment members and Loews first members. She gave me a rate of 129.00 but said that you can't get the loews benefits if you use the entertainment card.
I am sure that I have read that some of you get an upgrade when you get to the hotel. Is this the hotel that is doing this and not loews? How are you doing this?
I am confused. Also, I asked her if we only stay one night, if we get fotl access for 2 days and she said yes.

I, too, have read that some people get benefits (I take it you mean upgrades) even when they are using discounts. It probably depends on who checks you in and what rooms are available. There are also some people who can just talk there way into upgrades no matter where they stay.

I recommend you reseve the room that will satisfy you. When you check in, request an upgrade. If the answer is no, you've lost nothing, you still have a great room. If the answer is yes, it's like icing on the cake.

That said, I would expect the other loews benfits: amenity of your choice, access to workout room, frequent flyer miles.

Have a marvelous time.
Thanks, I can't wait to go back...been three years and we won't be able go for long (2 days, only 1 night at HRH) but we are just going to do IOA this time.
I booked a pool view room at 129. (plus tax), only thing that disappointed me (probably stupid), was that she said they did not have coffee makers in the room. I have not slept all night in over 2 years ( have a 2 yo) and I don't work good when I have to wait to get my morning coffee. Oh well, maybe I will take a little pot with me.
Thanks for answering! :)

Hi Barb,

Totally agree with what paisleypi told you. I believe it is the check in reservationist's call. I am sure hotel occupancy plays its part as well.Officially when calling you really are not speaking to the person that will be checking you in. They are just telling you what they have to. I still believe this hotel goes out of their way for repeat business. Ask for the upgrade at check in and see if you get lucky! Many have. Also, I cant figure out why you were told no coffee makers in room?? They are small pots but they are there! For a much better cup of coffee run down to Sal's in the morning! Have a great trip :D


Hi Jessica
I called and made the reservation thru Loews, not HRH. Maybe she just doesn't know, because when I asked if there was a hairdryer, she had to ask someone else. I will call the hotel directly and ask. Thanks

Oops! You said Hard Rock! sorry I have portofino on the brain <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused"> Skip the Sal's coffee part :D I'm sure they have good coffee at Hard Rock too though! Enjoy :)

This would pose a real problem for my husband. If he has to dress before having a little coffee I don't think he'll ever want to stay at HRH again.

At hardrock.com they list in-room coffee as an amenity. I hope they are right. Does anyone have firsthand information about this?

I stayed in a deluxe room at the HRH Feb 4th and there was a coffee maker with coffee/sugar/creamer and mugs.

Whew! Can you imagine a hotel of this calibur coffee w/no in room coffee maker? But you never know with these theme parks. I'm relieved to know this is not a problem.
On the contrary, It is the BETTER Hotels that DO NOT have coffee makers in the room! You would never find a coffee maker in a Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons or Regent Hotel. If you want coffee in your room you need to order room service! It is typically the low end chain hotels that have coffee makers in the rooms. I am frankly surprised to find that HRH does have coffeemakers. But then again, I believe I read that there is a do it yourself laundry on site at the Portofino. This REALLY surprises me! I can't imagine seeing someone in a 4 star hotel walking through the hallways with a laundry basket!
If HRH has guest laundry you'll sure see me walking through the halls with a laundry bag (I really will probably be rolling my suitcase). If I had to pack 12 days worth of clothes for my family of 6 I wouldn't have room for the kids in the van. Hey, there's an idea! :D
12 Days! I guess you would have to do laundry if you are staying that long! I've never been fortunate enough to go on family vacation for that length of time (other than renting a beach house where I end up cooking, cleaning and doing laundry, In other words,just like home but with a view!)I'd do my laundry to if I had that much time. Enjoy yourselves, we are only going for 4 days.

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