Loews benefits with entertainment rate at HRH


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Feb 16, 2001
I just called Loews to add my member # to my HRH reservation for this coming week. After pulling up my reservation, the lady asked if anyone told me that since I booked at the entertainment rate, I would not be entitled to the benefits....like the cookies at check-in, or the upgrade, or the AA miles. I told her I didn't know that. She then offered to add my number to the reservation because "you never know". Has anyone else been told this and still received the Loews benefits? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">


Mar 20, 2001

I also called and added my Loews First # to my reservation. I called the Universal 888 # and they did not mention it. From what I have read on these boards, though, some people have been told that if they receive a discounted rate, they do not get the perks. I do belive that many have received them anyway. So I am hoping for the best. ;)


Mar 23, 2001
mysti......i received the same exact response as you......i am wondering, if we are persistant that we will get our loew's benefits. from what i can tell from these boards the hrh is aiming to please very well.....i am exicited just be going to such a kewl place. i am going to ask at the front desk and call from the room, if need be. or better yet...let my dh speak to someone, he is very good at getting what he wants, in a nice way. i wish i had his touch...... :)

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Oct 11, 1999
We booked a room with E rate. I then joined Lowe's First. One week before our ressie I called HRH and told them I was also a Lowe's member, they took down the membership #. When we arrived I asked about an upgrade and they politely said "of course"!! We were upgraded from garden to pool view, given cookies and milk that night. We were so pleased with everything at HRH!


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Nov 12, 2000
Can someone please tell mewhat rates you're received for both the E rate and the Loew's rate.
Thank you


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Sep 7, 1999
I was told the same thing about the Holiday Inn's Priority Club membership if you have not booked at the "published rate".

It never hurts to ask. I think that customer service is trained to say what the rules say but if you are persistent, at least in my experience, you can prevail.

A new hotel, such as the HR, may just bend the rules so you can run around with the covetted "word of mouth" that is equivalent to a free advertisement for them.

I'm going to try in May, I'll let you all know!


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