*Live From the DIS Chat Room: It's Saturday Night! Tonight: Margaritaville!!*

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    Apr 23, 2000
    Hey Kids!! How was your week? :)

    Well, I must say it was another long, strange one here at the Saturday Night Chat Institute Of Wine, Pizza, and Television Studies. As the world seemed to be going to heck in a hand basket and depressing, tragic, and downright bizarre news bombarded us from the Official Chat 108-inch Big Screen TV, your humble chat hosts did our best to stay the course and continue our research efforts to bring you the best and most fulfilling chat experience with the least amount of effort on our part as possible. . . [​IMG]

    Which of course consisted mainly of hanging out at the Institute, watching television, and drinking cheap wine. . . ;) [​IMG]

    But this week I decided to go one step beyond my normal duties and sort through some of the thousands of letters that we receive each week, and after thinking it over and deciding that I really couldn’t come up with anything better, I thought I’d go ahead and answer some of them right here. . . hopefully it will be both fun and informative!!

    Letter #1 comes from Mr. Boliver Nimrod from Lockjaw, Montana. .

    Dear Chat Hosts,

    It sure seems like you two spend (waste) a lot of money on your chats every week. How much of a budget are you people on??

    Dear Mr. Nimrod,

    I really don’t see where that’s any of your business.

    Letter #2 comes from Mrs. Hazel Supportose of Lake Toxic, Wisconsin. . and she writes:

    Dear Marla and WillyJ,

    You two seem to get along so well during your chats, is it that way in real life too?

    Dear Mrs. Supportose,

    Could you say; “don’tchaknow” for me like those people in that movie “Fargo”? That just kills me. . :teeth:

    And letter #3 comes from Ms. Bumadean Skleevedge of Anadarko, Oklahoma writes:

    Dear Chat Hosts,

    You try to make it seem like you do a lot of work at your little “Institute” , but for the life of my I can’t see where you do anything but goof off and waste time. . what do you do there??

    Dear Mrs. Skleevedge,

    Gee, I don’t remember you signing our checks. . why don’t you mind your own business?

    There! Wasn’t that exciting?? Connecting with our loyal public like that is just so satisfying and helps keep us humble and on top of our game! :) :)


    Anywho. . as I said earlier, it was a strange, long week, and one that left us a bit out of sorts and even more confused then usual. And of course there is only one sure-fire cure for that: a huge party. . ;) So tonight we are pleased to announce that Disney After Dark will be. . well, not going to Disney but actually to Universal Studio’s fabulous City Walk where we’ll be slamming drinks and singing loud and proud and off key at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Café!!!
    :bounce: :D

    That's right kids; a little something different this week. . we’re going to escape the cold and head south to Mr. Buffet’s front porch where we’ll kick back with a few ice cold beverages, sit under the stars, relax to some tropical tunes, and make fun of the people dragging themselves out of Islands of Adventure after a long day of standing in line with crying kids while watching people with front of the line privileges saunter past them. . ;) Oh, and yes, there will be beer. ..;) :bounce: ;) :teeth: [​IMG]

    So why not fire up your computer, seal your family out with some duct tape and plastic, and join your chat hosts Marla and WillyJ. this Saturday night in the Main Chat Lobby at 9PM EST. It's a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to hang out with your fellow DIS'ers and get to know each other better in a relaxed, informal Atmosphere. :) As always, general Disney or Universal questions are encouraged and appreciated, and there will be a room full of Orlando veterans there to help you out. . .

    Everyone's invited, so see ya there! :D

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