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Jun 11, 2000
I thought I would post this separately since there are some new scrappers here. I've recently moved it to Epson PhotoCenter, and now have all the pages I've completed so far up online. It is a work in progress however, so check back soon. I'm still experimenting & developing my style.

Sorry to bore those of you who have seen them before.

Glad to answer anyones questions if I can.
Just thought I'd say it again, but those pages have really inspired me. I worked all day today on my WDW album from this December. I did two pages similar to your's with the Mickey and Minnie large postcards. It's really cute. Thanks for sharing.

Your pages are great !!

where did you get them?????????
I thought your fireworks picture and how you layed it out was very cool.I have just started to get organized to start a small book of my NYC trip last year.Your book inspired me.What does the front of your book look like?

ScrappinBear --- the large Mickey, Minnie, Pooh & Tigger are large postcards I got a WDW. Got mine in the Poly giftshop; but saw them everywhere.

Gooyrn13 --- re: fireworks page. Thanks. I like it to. The background paper is from Paper Pizzazz's Magic Kingdom collection. It comes with a really awful photo of the DisneyLAND castle on it towards the bottom of the page. SO, I positioned MY WDW castle photo OVER their castle & positioned my title at the bottom to hide the rest of it. Goofy & Tinkerbell hide the smal remaining parts of their castle. I used sparkly paper (golds, red, white, dark blue) for the matting & letters. Also, black sparkly paper under the letters.

re: my album cover. Well, it is the blue album you could buy at WDW during 2000. It says "Walt Disney World" & has the 2000 logo with the characters sticking their heads thru the 0's. It is full already & I have 3 more parks to go, and Mickey's Very Merry Xmas Party, and other stuff. It only has about 25 scrap pages in it & some plastic sleeves with extra pics. I plan on buying the biggest 3-ring D ring binder I can find with a window in the front. I'll have the WDW album cover color copied & slide it into window of new album. It was a 10 day once in a life time splurge xmas time trip & there are ALOT of pics.
I love your pages. I'm going to have to do one with our favorite foods. I always forget to take a picture first though. :D

I like your clear envelope with the parade Mickey confetti. I've got that stuck to the front of my monitor. It must be funny to see us scrappers out there with the little kids, picking Mickey confetti off of the street. :D

I LOVE your scrapping setup. You're so organized! One of these days I'll have to take some pictures of my setup. :)

Thanks for sharing with us. :D
Hi, I enjoyed looking at your scrapbook so much that I was inspired to scan the rest of mine - finally had to stop at 1am as I was just too tired, so maybe by tomorrow it will be finished and I will share it too.


Hi, I'm not into scrapbooking altho I love to look at all your hard work. As many pictures as I take with my DH fussing that I never do anything with them, I should be into it but it's just not me. I really enjoyed your WDW scrapbook (of course) but I also really liked the decorating of your condo and the pictures of your kitties (I was crying at work for Lucy and your Splash looks almost identical to my Billie)

Just wanted to congratulate you on all your hard work. It really shows.
Cheryl :bounce:
Very nice! now a couple of ????
Photo #9 and #20 did you make those frames? If so was a temp plate for the detail? very nice! It really added a lot to the pictures
also you typed many of your jounalism. Do you just pick a font you liked or do you have special scrape book program?
Where did you get the great large size Pooh, Minnie and Mickey? is that off of the computer or did you buy that?
I am getting ready to tackle my Disney trip....way back trip! DD 5th birthday... she is now past 6 LOL! I need to get busy and yours really inspired me! Heck maybe tomorrow I will pull the stuff out!
Spinning: Thanks. The frame in #9 Cinderella's Castle came as plain blue, but embossed. I just used metallic gel pens to trace around the embossing to make it pop a bit more. The frame had come in a set of matching frames & papers from QVC about 1 yr ago. Maybe from Making Memories. The frame in #20 Magic Moments parade (pg2) came from an entire scrapbooking kit (album, papers, diecuts...) I also purchased from QVC - also about 1 yr ago.

RE: the Mickey, Minnie, Pooh & Tigger. LOL EVERYONE asks me that! They are full size postcards I got at Poly gift shop at WDW - but I saw them everywhere while there in 2000. I didn't think to look for them in 2001 - so don't know if still available.

RE: fonts. I have TONS of software for making cards.... but the one I use the most is Printmaster. However, the fonts I usually pick are very basic ones. Arial, Architecture, Disney. I have over 150 installed & I never make it to far into the list alphabetically. LOL
The World of Disney store at Downtown Disney does carry a few items. Nothing much besides some stickers & a starter kit. If I recall correctly, not everyone has been pleased with the kit. It has very few pages & they are an odd size.

But, I think there are supposed to be much better stores in Orlando. Don't ask where. I didn't go. LOL
SplashMtn -- your albums are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

When we were on the Disney Wonder on our honeymoon last June, we noticed a some starter packs and some sticker packs -- That was the first time I'd ever seen scrapping supplies sold in Disney-ville... We found more and more in the parks... Locally I do know that major craft stores like Michaels and AC Moore also sells Disney Stickers, paper sheets, and some even have Disney Idea books, including a WDW Magic Kingdom idea book ! I found these at both the craft stores up here in MA - Framingham,Natick area... good luck!
Very interested to see that you have been on the Disney Wonder. My husband and I are booked on that for our 25th anniversary trip next October. What deck were you on-we will be on the 6th. We are doing the Seven Night Land and Sea package. We will stay at the Swan while at Disney. I will keep my eyes open in the parks and onboard for stickers. What is the starter pack you mentioned? I have started to buy scrapbook items with either a Disney or 25th anniversary theme at our local Michael's and a local store called Scrapbook Store and More. Any other helpful things regarding the cruise you want to pass along please feel free. We are so excited about this cruise! How about albums? Did you happen to see them at Disney or should I just look locally? I want something special for this anniversary book. Thanks for any help.
Being on the Wonder was such a great experience - so much that we're going back in June! :)
We were on deck 6, too! 6066, to be exact - right near the elevators! Perfect location - not loud, we had a veranda so we had beautiful views... We could see Nassau until another cruise ship pulled in... If we were on the other side of the boat, we would have had views of Atlantis and of Castaway Cay... but alas - there's always next time. We recommend highly eating a nice adults only dinner at Palo's- the food was spectacular... lots of attention from the waitstaff, and gorgeous views from the windows. Walking around the ship is a sight - it's very classy...

You will absolutely love it. The starter pack that I found was a Mickey album, which had a limited amount of pages in it, and some stickers - although they were the magnetic pages, if I remember correctly, which do bad things to photos as time passes... (Geez, how many Creative Memories home classes have I attended? :) ) It also had a pair of fiskar scissors, too, I believe- I didn't buy it, I only got the separate pack of WDW stickers... There are definitely other albums that they sell on Disney Property - so you'll be able to find one that you like to commemorate your trip!

Congratulations on 25 years of marriage!! That is certainly a great thing!


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