Lilohulagirl and the crew's Disney Xmas Day 2

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    Sep 18, 2008
    Got my Mickey wake up call at 6.30, As our slot for Breakfast was 7. We were given this time and other trips I remember being able to choose what time you ate ?
    Headed of for the EMH and DD did Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Teacups and IASW. DD loved it and had a great time on Buzz. My score was level 3, which I couldnt beat throughtout the trip!
    DD took a nap so we went on Indiana Jones which was fun and we walked right into the Character express train. And it snowed it was brilliant.
    On our way to the studios we jumped inot the queue to see Mickey. DD loved him and gave him a kiss on the nose. We got his autograph I was so Pleased!

    After lunch we headed to the studios and rode TOT. I love this and wasn't disapointed. I was in the front row

    We then met Donald, Emille and rode the Magic carpets with DD. She really enjoyed this.
    We then caught more characters on the back of the truck.
    We then headed to the Disneyland Hotel for 4pm and met lots of characters there.
    Then back to the Disneyland park and I met loads of characters in Adventureland.
    Sadly DD was fast asleep!

    We then did Space Mountain again and watched Candleabration and Fantillusion. There were alot of big gaps between floats which was unusual.
    Then we grabbed a yummy hotdog and fries in the Sports Bar.
    Then it was off to Disney Village for some shopping whil DH and DD went back to the hotel.

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