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Jan 4, 2001
Anyone one have input on this subject? DH & I would like a date and 4yo & 9yo would probably like us to go away for a couple of hours after 20 hours of driving. I know it is expensive so I want to know if it is worth it?

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Hi New Groove,

Since you havent had any luck with a reply on Hard Rock's kids program I'll offer you my findings with Portofino's program.

We needed a night out alone as well and dropped the kids off at 5P picked them up at 11P. The woman that ran it at Portofino Miss Carol told me she was moving to run Hard Rocks when it opened. She was terrific with the kids! My kids loved it and did not want to leave. They are 3 and 7. (3 is almost 4) They will offer much the same that Portofino does as told to me. Computers, books, nintendo 64 and play station. They get dinner included. There is TV and tapes. They do crafts and projects. They even baked cookies and brownies. I'm unsure on prices at Hard Rock. Portofino was $45 for first child and $35 for 2nd. For 6 hours. Hope this helped some. I'm sure soon there should be a few posting on the camp at Hard Rock.

I was told $7.00 for 1st child&$5.00 an hour for each additional child. We have ressies at Emerils&are planning on leaving our three kids here for a few hours but I too would love to hear from someone who has used the club.


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