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Jan 1, 2001
I've got a 15 year old and a 12 year old who are asking if they will be allowed to do the parks on their own since we are staying onsite. Anyone have any experience with this at Universal?

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In today's world it doesn't matter how many security measures are in place. I would always wonder about that one crazy kook out there who would find an amusement park a place to troll for kids.

On the other hand, Universal does have a wonderful set up and if you are accustomed to letting your kids go in other places then this is certainly a place you can feel comfortable.
I would arrange for assigned meeting places and hook-up every couple of hours. Make sure that they have a place they know to go to in the event that they become separated. If they are generally responsible kids, they should be fine. Do you let them wonder the mall by themselves - it would be similar. We actually let two 11 year old boys have an hour to themselves occasionally during our last trip and they loved it. Of course they would usually spend their time at one ride, Hulk at IOA and Tower of Terror at MGM. We would kinda' hang around and catch glipses of them, without them know it. They rode ToT 11 times in a row! (We were there in January - no lines). They were actually early to every assigned meeting spot - knowing if they were late, they would never escape us again. When we go back they will be 13 and we will be onsite and I'm sure we will give them a little more freedomw.

Have fun and enjoy your trip.

Donna R.
damo I have an idea! How about getting apair of the motorolla walk abouts! That would be a decent solution. We took ours in Dec. and when my husband and I split up they came in handy. Just an idea. :D


You know, I was thinking about just that today. That's a great solution!

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Some parents who are comfortable with this have found that by renting Nextel Phones to keep in touch they feel much safer.

Nextel phones allow unlimited 2way Radio Use. There are several venders who will rent them and have them delivered to your hotel. For just a few dollars a day it is very helpful.

Forget about "traditional" 2 way radios. These days it is impossible to get a hold of anyone in Orlando Period....Everyone has them.

Does weekly attendance to a theme park constitute an addict?

If so, I am Doomed!

Disney, USF, IOA, BGT, SW weekly since 1997
Quarterly since birth!
Anyone know any phone numbers to rent these phones? They sound great.

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Damo, we used the radios last trip, and they worked pretty good.Make sure your teens write down the channel they are one. One fast ride, and their channels seem to get moved to another. We let our 13 and 12 year old go off on their own, as long as they stayed together. We had them check in with us, every two hours. We also had them make a meeting place on every half hour for each other in case they got split up, (it could happen after one of the shows at Disney gets out).We've done this at MGM, where we would meet at a certain place, after parades and shows. We found Universal to be pretty safe for them to do this. In the evening, They have Police set up as you leave Citiwalk for the parking lots, ( I think it's mainly so people don't walk out with alcohol, but they're there if any problems arise).


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