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Pin Pics Graphics Dept.
Nov 26, 2000
I am anxious to change some of the pins that have been in my pin book for a while. I am not looking for anything special but I am trying to set up an DS bag for kids to trade from kind of like CMs. I did this with a page in my book when I was down there during X-mas and really enjoyed it so I would prefer pins that kids would like. If you see something you want make me an offer. Please e-mail me as I tend to lose track of PMs. dom13h@home.com Thanks for looking.

Pin 3: WDW 2000 Logo Fab-3
Pin 8: Animal Kingdom 2000 Logo
Pin 35: Disney Vacation Club CM 2000
Pin 36: Hilton Head Island Resort 2000
Pin 37: Coronado Springs Resort 2000
Pin 38: Disney's Board Walk 2000
Pin 42: Disney Vacation Club 2000 (Public)
Pin 48: Yacht Club Resort 2000
Pin 68: VIP WDW 25th Anniversary Cinderella Coach and Castle
Pin 69: CM Animal Kingdom Safari (Mickey and Goofy)
Pin 87: Dixie Landings Resort (Mickey Banjo)
Pin 92: Animal Kingdom Purple Dinosaur
Pin 108: Disney CM Sports Logo
Pin 158: WDW Food Rocks
Pin 340: WDW Hollywood Tower of Terror
Pin 389: Disney Store #74: Peter Pan
Pin 396: Disney Store #88: Maleficent
Pin 420: Disney Store #95: Three Caballeros
Pin 524: Epcot 'Living Seas' Mickey Scuba Diver
Pin 556: WDW 15th Anniversary Coke - Cyril Pin
Pin 667: Disney Store Millenium #30: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Pin 1032: Mickey's Toontown Fair - Magic Kingdom
Pin 1164: Disney's Animal Kingdom Safari Tigger Head
Pin 1221: Cinderella's Carriage
Pin 1523: Fantasia 2000 -- Rhapsody in Blue Musician
Pin 1566: Glow in the Dark Jafar snake
Pin 1669: WDW Millenium Pin Collector's Book Hyperion Pin
Pin 2221: Mickey Mouse Head Balloon Dangle
Pin 2533: Canine Series: Georgette
Pin 2553: Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Est. 1989
Pin 2777: Huey, Louie, and Dewey at the Beach
Pin 3279: Pinocchio LE Box Pin
Pin 3333: Fantasia 2000 Whale
Pin 3414: Mickey with Epcot Circle of Flags
Pin 3616: Pewter Sorcerer's Hat
Pin 3663: Alice in Wonderland Disney Gallery LE 5000
Pin 3664: Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland
Pin 3665: Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland
Pin 3666: Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland
Pin 3667: White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland
Pin 3668: Caterpillar Alice In Wonderland
Pin 3839: Chip 'n' Dale in a Nutshell
Pin 3842: Tokyo Disneyland February 2001 Calendar
Pin 3996: Disney * MGM Studios
Pin 4093: Zorro
Pin 4094: Davy Crockett
Pin 4107: Tokyo Disneyland March 2001 Calendar
Pin 4116: BON VOYAGE-Tokyo Disney Resort
Pin 4196: Disney Gallery - Alice Series - Tweedle Dum/Dee
Pin 4197: Disney Gallery - Alice Series - Dodo Bird
Pin 4242: Dumbo Disney Gallery Store LE Pin
Pin 4381: Disney Wonder Achievement 2001
Pin 4528: CM_Balloon_Mickey
Pin 4767: TDL 18th Anniversary
Pin 4991: Typhoon Lagoon - Miss Tilly on Mt. Mayday
Pin 5160: Sid Cahuenga's One-of-a-kind Antiques & Curios
Pin 5620: Nagano Chip & Dale Apple
Pin 6086: Snow White DVD gift -- 7 Dwarfs -- Disney Store
Pin 6281: Villain Lenticular Captain Hook
Pin 6626: Wanna Trade Series Pin #2-- Horace Horsecollar
Pin 7678: Animal Kingdom Lodge rectangular
Pin 7680: 100 Years of Dreams #40 Reluctant Dragon
Pin 7753: 100 Years of Dreams #48 Buzz Lightyear: Star Command
Pin 7755: 100 Years of Dreams #50 Dumbo Movie Poster 1941
Pin 7830: 100 Years of Magic - Sleeping Beauty Kiss
Pin 7920: Americana Mickey with star flag
Pin 7949: Disney Store Mickey flag head
Pin 8046: TDS lenticular flag Mickey ears silhouette
Pin 8116: 100 Years of Dreams #63 Aladdin with Genie 1992
Pin 8117: 100 Years of Dreams #64 Hercules 1997
Pin 8269: Rainforest Cafe / Downtown Disney
Pin 8271: 100 Years of Dreams #70 Peter Pan Poster
Pin 8274: 100 Years of Dreams #73 Herbie Goes Bananas
Pin 8275: 100 Years of Dreams #74 Pooh's Great School Bus Adventure
Pin 8348: 100 Years of Dreams #77 Walt Disney Birthday
Pin 8349: 100 Years of Dreams #78 Peter Pan II - Return to Neverland 2002
Pin 8350: 100 Years of Dreams #79 Hundred Acre Wood
Pin 8353: 100 Years of Dreams #82 Bonkers
Pin 8355: 100 Years of Dreams #84 Peter and the Wolf
Pin 8497: 100 Years of Dreams #86 Pluto's Christmas Tree
Pin 8499: 100 Years of Dreams #88 Working for Peanuts
Pin 8502: 100 Years of Dreams #91 Broken Toys
Pin 8617: 100 Years of Dreams #94 Nightmare before Christmas
Why not let the kids have a chance at these pins? I'm sure that they'd love some of these pins. Especially since they seem to be a bit different than those that you normally see made available to the children. Just thought I'd propse that you let them select from the pins you listed here, because if you're going to trade them for pins kids might like, you may be trading away some little boy or girl would love but had never seen it before.



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