Let me get the Annual Pass thing straight?


Earning My Ears
Feb 10, 2000
Am I reading this right, we now can get an annual pass for both DISNEYLAND and California Adv?

I am still in depression they were not having annual passes anymore, now they changed their minds?

My pass exprires in April,(more anti-depressants needed) and the DH didnt want me to renew until after our WDW (55more days) trip. I wanted to wait until the fall to purchase my pass, and now I might be able to get a pass for both parks, and its not even my birthday (that is April fools day, if you all are taking a collection to purchase a pass for me...:)) :D ;)
Pass prices are rumored to be going up in June so I would suggest you get them now! My DH and I got ours Monday at the Guest Relations Window outside by the Newstand. It was quick and painless taking less than 20 minutes. However, on Sunday, the line there was over an hour long and the line inside at the Plaza Inn snaked in out and around for a long while! As long as you are willing to use your old picture, you can get them renewed here (unless this has changed in the last 3 days!)

Prices are as follows:
SoCal Pass--$119 for both parks
Deluxe Pass--$199 for both parks
Premium Pass--$299 for both parks

Any time you have left on your pass is deducted from the price and your new pass will be good for one year from your renewal date! Get on the road now! Do not delay :cool:
OH MY G-!!!!!!

I am breaking the piggy bank as we speak.. I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY!!! thanks for the info!!!!

Hi Ho HI HO its off to Disneyland I go..

Do you think its ok to get the "Flu" on Friday, I hope the boss understands.. hehehehehe


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