Length of stay passes


Earning My Ears
Jan 17, 2002
hello all,
what is the story with the above passes,,, i know it involves staying on-site in the hrh etc
how much are they , are they better than normal passes
if i was to stay 6 days at the hrh, with 2 different bookings (i.e mon-thurs, thurs - sun) would i have to buy 2 passes,, ????
or would i be better off with a flexi ticket for this period since i am in orlando for 2 days before this,,,,may to sea-world/wnw ...these days

confused as always...:(

thanks in advance,,,, neil
I don't think length of stay passes are available for US/IOA. I think the only option is the FlexTicket. Front of line privileges are available when you stay on-site (HRH or PBH).
When we were at the HRH last August, we had a pkg that included length of stay passes. The cost for 3 nights, 2 adults, 1 child, poolview room was around $900.

I cannot find my original post due to the search function being down but I did a little research of my own on the LOS passes and they did not save money over any of the available passes. In fact, when I called for the rates the reservationist who gave me the info could not explain why they were, IMHO, a ripoff....

I don't think they count on the people who read this board!

I would call the hotel, ask for the rate for the amount of days you are there and compare them to the rates of the 2, 3 and Flex pass prices on the Universal site.

Good luck.


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