legit discount ticket offers????


Earning My Ears
Jan 23, 2002
I ahve heard that the Kissimmee Walmart offers discounted tickets for WDW. I am lookinf for 4 day Park Hopper passes. Do they have legit passes?

Also heard about Orlando Ticket Sales offering a 4 day ppark Hopper PLUSS pass (which Disney doesn't offer) for $214. Anyone know if this is a legitimate offer??
If I were a person who would wait until I get to WDW, I'd feel very comfortable buying them from Wal-Mart (a name I know and trust).

With that said, I buy my tickets at the local Disney Store using my Disney Club discount and know that I have them...
connections also offers a 4 day plus pass. People here have ordered & used them with no problems at all. I think they are a special type of ticket that Disney does not offer to the general public, but they are new, unused passes.

The website is connections123.com you have to be a member to order the tickets. You can get a 1 month trial for $1. They also sell counter service lunch vouchers, which can be a good deal.

Try the budget board for more info.

I also buy my ticketsat the disney store :D
We bought our tickets from the Wal-Mart in Kissimmee in December and they were fine.
Go to mousesavers.com to find out more ways to save on WDW tickets.

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we bought 5 day hopper plus passes last year. The service was very fast and they were a decent % savings.
We got our tickets from a website that mousesavers mentioned--floridaorlandotickets.com and saved more than we would have with our dc card..you may want to check it out. I'm not sure what options they have. We bought 7 day park hoppers. We ordered the over the internet and they arrived within a week.
We also ordered and received tix from floridaorlandotickets.com--got them in five days-- cheaper than DC and AAA. Check out www.mousesavers.com for legit discounts. Leaving in five days! Whoo!
Buy the 4+'s from connections, use 3 park days and 1 plus day, then sell the 1 day left on the hopper on Ebay (they average 60 per ticket). Good luck


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