Laundry facilities at PB?


Earning My Ears
Jan 7, 2000
I am just finishing up the final touches for our vacation and one thing is still nagging me. I remember last year at the Portofino there were no laundry facilities. I am staying 11 days and I have 3 kids. I can't possibly afford to send out my laundry. Have they put in laundry facilities since last year? If not does the HRH have them? If not does anyone know of the closest laundromat? I would hate to waste an afternoon off site but I can't pack for that long without having to do some laundry. Last year luckily we had done our laundry at the Beach Club before we transferred over but this time we are staying exclusively at the PB. Any info would be appreciated.
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We were just there and laundry facilites. That sure is the pits! 10 days...I know I would have to do laundry as well! Hope someone can give you a nearby place! Maybe you can call Portofino and ask them? Good Luck! :)

I am shocked that the hotel has no laundry on site. Is the same true for HRH? Maybe you can go there.

Now I'm not sure about staying at Port., since we will have 3 small children with us. I can only imagine what laundry they can come up with in 8 days.

Does anyone know about laundry facilities (or lack there of) at Hard Rock?
Hey i am here now... Sorry not at the HRH, but across the street on major blvd is a ponderosa and walgreens, and there is a coin laundry there.

I will try to post more accurately later

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Thanks JonathanSullivan. I would appreciate it. At least I know there is something close. Last year when I star serviced or whatever it was they kind of just reiterated that they could clean it. I didn't really pursue it because it was at the end of the vacation. Thanks for all your help.
HRH has laundry rooms. $1.75 wash, $1.75 dry.w

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That will make our life easier. Do you know where they are located? Is it a separate facility like the BC at WDW or is it actually in the hotel. The concierge desk told me Portofino guests have priviledges at the HRH. So if we could swim and do laundry that would be great. Any info would be appreciated.


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