Late Dining with Kids question


Earning My Ears
Jan 2, 2002
I have late dining and am cruising solo with DS11 and DD5. If DD5 accompanies me to dinner and then gets antsy and wants to go to kids club, will I be able to leave the table and go check her in to the Oceaneer Club and return to dinner without disrupting everyone's timing (the servers, other diners, etc.)?

Cruising this Sunday! HOORAY! :bounce:
I doubt if that would be a problem. Your tablemates an staff would surely rather be disrupted with you taking your daughter to the club, than having her be 'antsy' at the table. I would just do whatever would make this trip fun for her also -- and if she isn't having fun at dinner - then I would take her to the club.

You shouldn't have ANY trouble leaving and returning. I am a single mom and took my 11 yr old son last year on the Land/Sea trip. We had late seating last year and as soon as he was done with dessert he went to the Oceaneer's Lab. It wasn't a big deal at all.
We just got back. We had late seating and have a DS-4 and DD- (almost 7). The dinner was a problem because it was SO late. My kids were EXHAUSTED and didn't/couldn't eat because they were so tired. If we would have taken them to the club I am afraid they would have been just as miserable there...they really just needed to be in bed!

Every kid is different...hope you can leave and come back...I would at least try the club...maybe it'll work for you!



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