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Jan 27, 2001
We are leaving Orlando late on June 10 after spending most of the day at WDW. I will have stayed at HIFS the previous week but we have to head back on the 10th. Are there any good places to stay heading north out of Orlando (back toward Texas) that is maybe 1-2 hours out of Orlando. We are looking for something inexpensive and maybe use Priceline. Any suggestions? :)
If you are driving out of Orlando, heading North, there are plenty of clean hotels/motels off of Interstate-75. You can stop-off in Gainesville at exit number 75. Here you will find a Super 8 Motel, Ramada Limited and a brand new Red Roof Inn. If your budget allows, there is also a Hampton Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn by Marriott and several others. Prices in Gainesville should be reasonable. Be sure to pick up a discount hotel book at one of the rest areas or gas stations to get the best deals.

Thank you for the info Orlandoinfo. I was looking at Gainesville or Ocala as a stopping point for the night. Are most of the hotels in Gainesville along Interstate 75? :bounce: :pinkbounc :bounce: :pinkbounc
Wherever you decide to stop I would definitely recommend using Priceline. I have used them many times and have been happy with all the deals I have gotten. For our vacation this summer I bid for a room for an overnight stop and got a room at a Holiday Inn for $5! Feel free to e-mail me if you need any further info.

Try this link for great info on Priceline bidding

I have used the Priceline bonus for our trip down to Orlando-staying at Holiday Inn Express in Pensacola $20.
What city did you get the overnight in if it was in Florida? Just trying to decide on Ocala or Gainesville. I like cities that are zoned off on Priceline but those two are not. Thanks for the great information:cool:
My $5/night room is in Fayetteville, NC.

I just checked and Priceline has inventory for Gainesville (up to 3*) and Ocala (up to 2*).


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