Large Pin Bag and Pins Wanted

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  1. disneyboysmousehouse

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    Jan 20, 2001
    274 need pins! Some are rack pins, others are LE pins. They come from Walt Disney Workd, Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure and the Japan Disney Store.

    Walt Disney World pins needed:
    Statue of Liberty Minnie (light up)
    Countdown to Disney’s Pin Celebration # 5 Dangle Pin
    Mickey Golfing
    4th of July Magic Kingdom - Mickey Mouse
    4th of July Animal Kingdom - Donald
    4th of July Disney/MGM Studios - Goofy
    4th of July Epcot - Minnie Mouse
    Our Wedding
    Father's Day
    Cinderella Coach 2-pin box set

    Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure pins needed:
    DCA 4th of July (light up pin)
    4th of July Chip & Dale
    Mickey Rocks
    Golden State Sweethearts
    Paradise Pier Sweethearts
    Mickey & Minnie 1st Day of Summer
    DL First Anniversary of Pin Trading
    Fab 5 on Train
    Fab 5 in Monorail
    Jumpin' Jellyfish Pin
    DCA Sun Balloon
    Snow White & Dwarfs boxed Set

    Japan Disney Store pins needed:
    Mirror Series (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto & Goofy)

    My tradable pins include:
    654: D.S. Countdown pin #45: Steamboat Willie
    724: D.S. Countdown pin #7: Two Gun Mickey
    3041: Grand Floridian Mickey & Minnie Walking Pluto
    3904: DL King Arthur Carrousel with Mickey and Minnie
    4240: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Play It!
    4341: DTD Pin Event : Disney at Home
    5166: Epcot Flags Spinner
    5167: Mickey Hands Epcot Spinner
    2656: (Event) 2000 WDW Disneyana Business Grp. Pin
    2657: (Event) WD Attractions Marketing Special Events
    4945: LE Magnet Minnie
    336: LE WDW Innoventions INTERNET ZONE Press dangle
    454: LE WDW Innoventions GO NETWORK Press dangle
    1102: LE Spring Break 2000
    4342: LE WDW Spring Break 2001
    3836: LE WDW February '01 Zodiac POM Pisces - Cleo
    4556: LE WDW April '01 Zodiac POM Taurus - Ferdinand
    5057: LE WDW May '01 Zodiac Gemini-Tweedledee & Tweedledum
    3999: LE Magic Kingdom Postcard
    4000: LE Animal Kingdom Postcard
    4001: LE Epcot Postcard
    4002: LE MGM Postcard
    4093: LE Zorro
    4094: LE Davy Crockett
    4847: LE WDW MK Land Series Frontierland Donald
    4848: LE WDW MK Land Series Adventureland Daisy
    4849: LE WDW MK Land Series Fantasyland Minnie
    4998: LE WDW MK Land Series Tomorrowland Pluto
    4999: LE WDW MK Land Series Liberty Square Goofy
    4865: LE Epcot Flower & Garden Tool Box Pin/2001
    3130: LE Epcot Holidays Around The World Dinner Pin
    4689: LE Comic Strip Series #1
    4690: LE Comic Strip Series #2
    4691: LE Comic Strip Series #3
    4692: LE Comic Strip Series #4
    1819: LE WDW "Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand" Four-pin box set.

    Plus, I also have "non-pin" Disney items to trade including:
    WDW MSEP Farewell Lithograph
    WDW 25th Anniversary Lithograph
    DL Commemorative MSEP float BULB and display
    WDW 25th Anniversary Trading Card Set
    WDW Villians Trading Card Set
    Kodak WDW 25th Anniversary Trading Card Set (HTF)
    Disney Brooke Bond Tea Trading Card Set (distrib. only in UK)
    Lion King I Trading Card Set
    Little Mermaid Trading Card Set
    Pochahontas Trading Card Set
    Snow White (series II) Trading Card Set
    DISNEY VIDEOS (Adult-owned, viewed 1x. Upgraded to DVD.)
    Pinocchio VHS
    Little Mermaid VHS
    Toy Story VHS
    Black Cauldron VHS
    Lady and the Tramp VHS

    Please email me with any and all offers and let's trade! I have great refs here and on eBay. Thanks...Disneyboy
  2. kiffy

    kiffy Earning My Ears

    May 14, 2000
    i have all the ones from DL you want, email

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