Lands End Knit Pants?


DIS Veteran
May 28, 2001
I am so tired of buying knit pants and they don't fit after 2 washes. I bought a pair of lands end knit pants today and they fit great and are the perfect length. They are a 80-20 blend with a drawstring waist.

Does anyone have experience with knit pants from lands end? Will they shrink much? I really like these pants but I don't want to keep them if they are going to be too short after two washings.
I have never bought any of these pants but I can tell you from buying Lands' End merchandise for 6 yrs now that I have never been disappointed with anything of theirs. From Mens', Womens', and Kids clothing, all is great. I just wish the clothes would "grow" with my kids. They grow faster than the clothes wearout. I can't say this about other brands I have tried.

I exercise in Lands End sport knit pants, but I'm lucky enough to buy them at an outlet for $12 ($8 when I first started getting them there 10+ years ago). I just picked up a new pair and some of the knit cords last week.

I don't think any knit pants last as long as woven ones, but I've been very pleased with the Lands End ones. They shrink a tiny bit but nothing like the ones that turn into capris after a couple washes -- we've all had those, haven't we?
I've been wearing Lands End Sport Knit pants for at least 12 years now. They wear very well. Sometimes I have worn them out. I have a pair of the Sport Knit Cords that I got last year and they fit great. I've only had one pair that shrunk up and I should have returned them to Lands End - navy blue ones that I got last year. I got something else that was the same material and it also got a bit tight. I think it was the fabric. Other SKP that I got at the same time are still fine. Just that one pair.


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