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Earning My Ears
Feb 23, 2001
Hi Has anyone ever used the Kinder Care Day care I have a 4 yo & 2 Yo so that would be my only option since I would feel more comfortable in the Day care than having someonr in our room. DH and I would like to go to dinner so we are only talking about 2 -3 hours.Also where is it located?Please any information on this would be great.
Kindercare is a franchised organization (at least in MI and IL). Each is run differently, though they are supposed to follow certain "guidelines". Kind of like McDonalds.

I want to stress that I DO NOT have any experience with the Kindercare at WDW, but on the whole I can not recommend them as a child care option.

We tried Three different KC centers when looking for options for our DD and we were unhappy with all of them. We tried them and stuck with them for so long, because my SIL used them for her kids and had a great experience.

The big difference in SIL center and the ones we tried was that hers was "Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children". This is different then licensing and the centers are held to higher standards to get accredited.

This is not to say that the one that WDW and others reccomend are not good. I would just be careful and see if they are accredited. It makes a big difference in care IMHO.

If I was to look at using a sitter service, i would look at the "clubs" on site. They are out in the open, ratios look good, there are planned activities, and it is Disney run so you would hope that they stand up to Disney standards.


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