Kids want IOA and Universal Studios


Apr 26, 2000
Are these parks do-able in 1 day? My DS wants to see Jurrasic Park, and DD wants to see the preschool Barney attraction. Is this a bad idea to try to do in one day??
when my family went in November last year, we did it in one day. half at Universal and half at IOA. It's very do-able but you've got to move fast. Know which attractions you really want to see and which ones you're willing to skip over. Jurassic Park is towards the back of IOA and I'm not sure where the Barney thing is (me and my sister are kinda older so my family probably didn't go on that ride). If you plan ahead, it's easy to do both parks. Hope this helps! :-)


It might be do-able, but it won't be enjoyable. We took two full days there and could have used a third. At IOA, If you have little ones, they will not want to leave Suessville. We spent a couple hours there, eating green eggs and ham, riding rides, getting autographs and playing in a special area with neat surprises. You can also meet all the X-Men. This was such a great park. Your son would probably love MIB at Universal. My kids rode many, many times. In fact. they rode the last ride and spent so much time in the gift shop, we were the only ones left in the back of the park and didn't see anyone else besides security, until we made it back to the front of the park.
My daughter begged me to take her too. We went last March and I was not a happy camper. They sold huge plastic containers of beer and other alcoholic drinks all throughout the park and the Spring Breakers were horrible. We were in line for Cat in the Hat and the "F word" was being yelled back and forth and they were basically acting like drunk Spring Breakers. This made me love Disney even more. We will not go back during Spring Break that's for sure. Perhaps it's better during off-season.
The parks definitely are 1 day EACH. I was disappointed in Universal Studios (but then again, MGM is my least favorite park). IOA was really neat (besides the drunks). They did an excellent job on themeing especially in the "comic" area (can't remember the name) and the Dr. Seuss land. Another downside with young kids is you also have to walk through a night-club/restaraunt area called "City Walk" that at night again had rowdy Spring Breakers, but they were all spread out. I didn't like having to come and go through all that each night, but that's because I am so sensitive as a parent to that stuff. Grown ups will love it. They have free latin dance lessons and bands playing everywhere. It's sort of like Pleasure Island I guess.
Hope you have a great time. If your kids are Nickelodeon fans, get to US early and line up for free tickets to be in the audience for the Slime Time Live show. That was really cool!

My son begged last year to spend one day at IOA. We couldn't do it. This year we are spending 3 days at US/IOA and a day at sea world. I can't believe we are going to orlando and skipping WDW. I was hoping to work a day in at MK but that is very doubtful. At least we will be at WDW for a week in May 2002

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only those who tour cobat style could do both parks in one day. we took 2 and didn't see everything.



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