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Mar 21, 2001
Where is a good place to find waist packs for young children (petite and 5). On line or in stores; looking for one that has a water bottle. The Coleman Kids waist pack was too big. There is a Fisher Price product on "" came with several accessories (backpack, etc. not needed). My theory is: if they can walk they can carry. Also, it just needs to be large enough to fit the autograph book, pen, snack with water bottle attached. Thanks!
I've seen the Fisher Price pack at Walmart and it did come with a water bottle. It was not big enough to hold the autograph book. I have a child's fanny pack that I bought a few years ago from Tupperware (it also came with "luggage") and it does hold the autograph book, but no water bottle. I would go check out Walmart & Target, even online, since the summer stuff is coming out. You might want to try Right Start catalog for kids, too.

Well, no room for water bottle, but I got an adult fanny pack from World of Disney and just used a safety pin to make it fit. It held my sons autograph book, pen, pressed penny book, and change for pressed pennies.
I have a very small 4 year old girl and I found one from that fits her. It is as small as it can possibly go but it works. It holds a water bottle and plenty big for an autograph book. It was a bit expensive but I plan on using it at home (St. Louis) at the zoo, 6 Flags, etc. I hope that this helps.

We ordered a great fannie pack for our daughter from L.L. Kids (L.L.Bean) It is listed as..Three times the fun, Bag can be worn three ways 1. Across the shoulders 2. Around the waist 3. Toted by the top handle. Comes with a H2O bottle and mesh bottle pocket. Interior organizer panel. Colors Yellow and Grey. The price is kind of expensive $21.00 . It is on page 45 of the L.L. Kids catalog ( Item # EA35432 We really liked the idea of my daughter being able to put it over her shoulder as well as around her waist. We have had backpacks and baby bags from Bean and you can't beat their quality ....they last forever!!! Hope this helps . oops phone # is 1-800-LLB-KIDS :)I think this maybe the one Traci was also talking about .Ours has not arrived yet but it looks big enough for and autograph book 12''W x9'' D
I found hippacks for my dd, and even though they were for kids, they were still to big for my youngest. I cut the strap and measured my dd, then I went to my local shoe repair shop and they sewed the strap back together. They didn't even charged me and sewed it on the spot !!

My girls love having there own stuff where they can get to it.

Baby Gap store in your area ?
I found a small fanny pack for my DD - petite 6 year old.
It would not hold an autograph book or water bottle. But could hold a fat pen, ID, some snacks and some disney $$'s.
We plan on keeping all our water bottles in a small soft sided cooler in one knap sack.

I don't think my 6 year old petite DD would fair well with a heavy fanny pack all day at WDW.

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My DD likes to wear her pack croswise over one shoulder. This way I can get her a bigger pack,but not a Back pack size one. She like to wear it this way because it doesn't get in the way when she has to "GO!" And at 6 when she has to go she has to go!!!!!!!
Have either of you received your waist packs from LL Bean yet? I threw out the catalog, and their website does not show a picture of it. I am concerned that 9" high would take up my 7 year old daughter's entire torso. How old are the kids that you purchased this for, and are you happy with it? I need to know ASAP, so if I decide to order it, it will arrive before we leave. Thanks!
I have not recieved ours yet, but I only ordered it on Monday. My Daughter is 10 but very tiny (size 7-8 clothes) I will let you know when we get it how big it is.
My DD is thin as a rail, we found for her it was best to use a mini backpack, she found this more comfortable than fighting with a waistpack.

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I got my 3yoDD the Fisher Price fanny/waist pack which includes the water bottle w/holder for $? (whatever price). Doesn't matter, the entire purchase price is rebated to you! It may seem like a long time for rebates but, so far, I've received every rebate! Even "bought" 2 sets of luggage thru them with a less-than 100% rebate, but it still was cheaper than buying sets anywhere else! The fanny pack will not fit the normal auto book but, will fit things they might find comforting! It's also very colorful and doesn't intrude on her petite body - I had her try it on and sit down with it and she just loves it! :) Good Luck!
They are going right back to Bean!!! They are really nice bags but just to big for what we wanted. They are more like "Small Backpacks" than large fanny packs (If that makes any sense)They are the size of a coloring book (rectangle). Sorry :( Hope you have luck finding what you are looking for.
I was in Walmart yesterday and in the purse section they had a nice selection of fanny packs. These were just the right size for an autograph book. They had ajustable waists and the best part is they were around $5. They had a couple of different styles and they were all neutral colors, mostly navy and black. I remember how hard it was to find one for my small 5 yr old DS. Hope this helps.

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Thanks everyone for the tips! I'm going to try Target and get the Coleman Kids waistpack which I'll take to a shoemaker to have the strap made smaller for a better fit. These boards are great!
but my kids loved them. Daughter 9, Son 6 and Daughter 4. My tiny 4 yr old looks funny with it around her but she wants to be like big bro and sis. I bought some fabric paint and painted their names on the front of each bag. We are going to WDW in Sept and I plan on practicing with the bags before we go. We will go for walks wearing our bags to see how they feel. I think that it will work.


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