Kids pool at HR


Aug 28, 2000
I know theres been alot of questions about the pool at HR stiill dont know alot of details but was told yesterday by reservations that the kids pool has waves&a water slide. Dont know if the waves are turned on periodically or what but sounds pretty cool. My kids wont want to leave the hotel. Has anybody else heard this. Please post if I've been misinformed.
Waves huh?.....I hadn't heard about those! Sounds great! :D :D
Come on people - the HRH has been open 3 days where's all the photos!! ;)

(I used to be impatient but I just don't have the time anymore.)


Ok I talked to the hotel directly, there is 1 pool but it is only 4ft&yes has a water slide. No kids pool or waves. Sorry.
Isn't part of the pool "wade in" though? Which would be okay for little un's.
I guess we'll have to wait for that first trip report coming in for the full details.
(Taps fingers impatiently on desk.) :rolleyes:



Not sure but I do think so although the Hotel did not tell me that I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere. To tell you the truth when I called the hotel the person I talked to was not overly helpful. I was trying to get some details on things but had to keep asking questions. I think it was just the person I got. He told me quote "no theres no kids pool just one big one thats 4 ft deep" I said is there a slide "oh yea". Not being mean but I think he might have been half asleep. Didnt seem too bright!
If the pool is like Portofino's the wade in area is large and great for little ones! Also just a note about a kiddie pool...Portofino has one next to the beach pool. I would be surprised if they didnt copy this as well at Hard Rock. Everything I have read on the pool seems to mimic Portofinos pool. Except I remember reading the slide at Hard Rock was better. :)

Well I know that the HRH pool in Vegas is not very deep at all and in one area we actually sat on our bottoms in the sandy part of the pool, and our heads were still above the water so if it anything like that one it should be fine for little ones.





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