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May 16, 2001
We're taking my 18YO daughter on a Disney Cruise in July as a graduation present. She is taking her best friend, who will be only 3 months away from her 18th birthday.

My daughter, of course, wants to take advantage of her "adult" status by checking out the Spa and Palo, but is concerned her friend would not be allowed to join her.

How strict will DCL be concerning her friend coming along with her to the adult activities?


DIS Veteran
Dec 4, 2003
DCL is very strict about the 18 year old issue. The KTTW card is clearly labelled "adult" for those over 18.

A 17 year old can probably get into the nightclub venues after 9 (when they are adults only) without being questioned, but would not be allowed in the spa or Palo. Sorry....on our 2/7 cruise, I witnessed a father trying to get his 17 year old son into the spa/fitness area. The father tried everything--telling the staff that the teen would only be there with the father, he had done such things in a program at home, etc. The staff was polite but firm in that their insurance does not cover any under 18 person physically present in an adult only area, and no exceptions could be made.

You might pull off Palo if the reservation is made in the name of an "18 or over," but spa reservations must be in the name of the person getting the treatment.....


Apr 7, 2001
Unfortunately, you won't be able to get your DD's friend into palo. I was two months short of 18 when we sailed our second time, and I was (politely) told that they could not let me in. This was the same for the spa. I desperately needed my bangs trimmed and they wouldn't let me into the spa. My mom ended up doing my hair for me.

Also for the nightclubs, if your DD friend looks much older than 18, you might be able to get away with it, but if not they will ask for her card. I was almost 19 and they asked for my card even though I wasn't drinking, just to make sure I was old enough to be in the club.

Disney is strict on the rules, but it does make sense. If they make an exception for one person, in my case only two months short, then when would they draw the line?

Sorry if this causes any dissapointment

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