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demented and sad...but social
May 1, 2001
Share with us your favorite kids game. Preferably something original, something outdoors.

I have to admit, I'm a Cub Scout leader stuck for plans next week, but I know there are probably more of us leaders/teachers on here who could always use some fresh ideas...especially with summer on the way. CB is always a great place for sharing.

I'll be happy to share as well...when I remember something. I just am in a slump! This might be fun...thanks.


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Jul 15, 2003
What ages exactly?

My DD (sorry - no sons here) likes Kick the Can and Red Light Green Light.


demented and sad...but social
May 1, 2001
They're around 8 or 9.

Remind me how to play kick the can. Boy, that goes way back!

Jenn Lynn

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Nov 13, 1999
Red Rover
Duck Duck Goose
Four Square
I remember playing Chase while jumping rope.


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Feb 19, 2003
It's a game taught to me by some Deaf friends and I use it with my kids sign language class (ages 6 - 12) and they love it! We just call it "The Elephant Game".

Kids form a circle around the leader...allow enough room for leader to spin (no, not very fast or I'd drop) with arm extended so leader can point at those in the circle. Kids stand about 1 arms length apart...they will need to get close to one another.

Leader spins around, stops, points at a child who is the Elephant trunk, while each child next to the "trunk" becomes the kids must pay attention to exactly who leader points to. The child "trunk" must form the shape of an elephant's trunk, while the children on both sides must form the (big floppy) ears of the elephant (i.e. kid on left forms the left ear ONLY while the kid on the right forms the right ear ONLY.) IF one or all of the 3 makes the wrong elephant part, they are out. If the response is not immediate, they are out. Think Simon Says speed...

Leader continues to spin around pointing to different children to become the trunk until the last one stands...Usually I quit with the last to have many winners.

When I first told a class about this game they were all "nah, ick, boring" until they played once...then that was all I'd ever hear "can we play the elephant game?" It can get silly depending upon how fast you move. I like to stand in one spot and point with both hands...makes for a faster pace and more confusion which gets silly responses from the kids. Also pointing to the same kid a couple of times in a row gets them...or looking directly at a kid then pointing in the opposite direction...anything to make them pay attention.

I also play Simon Says with my class using all signs and no voices, the kids love that could just play it the good ol' way with voices.


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