KFC launches the "Chizza", a pizza and chicken hybrid

Reminds me of the Double-Down they had awhile back. It was like a regular chicken sandwich except the bun was...wait for it...two more pieces of chicken.

Yet another fast food chain bought up by some conglomerate who knows nothing about the restaurant business................LOL.

Stopped eating at KFC a number of years ago since they seemed to have lost control of their quality/consistency. One location the food was good, but at another the chicken was greasy (usually means cooked @ wrong temp) or the breading was gloppy. Workers seemed disorganized and more interested in chit/chatting with each other than waiting on the customers.
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I saw the commercial for this... but yea, no.

It's like pizza good, chicken good.... that combination just does NOT look appealing however.
I wish KFC would stop all this nonsense and just go back to doing what they did when their chicken was good. It’s always greasy, and way too expensive for tiny pieces. And for goodness sakes, fill up the side containers! We no longer go there because of the poor food quality, and the fact they no longer give a senior discount.
This almost sounds like an early April Fool's day joke. But I do agree it looks like Chicken Parm with peperoni. I'd try it but I'd want a knife & fork to eat it.
If I had any confidence in KFC's ability to make food I would love to try it, but I think a homemade version would be better.


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