Kaylee & Alan - Caribbean Beach Oct/Nov 2000 - Day 3

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    Oct 9, 1999
    Kaylee & Alan’s WDW Trip – Day 3 Trip to Kissimme, Epcot and Dinner at San Angel Inn

    Kaylee – aged 26, first time visitor to WDW
    Alan – aged 28, second visit to WDW, first when he was 8.

    Breakfast was at the food court today at Old Port Royale, we had Mickey Waffles, yum, yum. We ventured to the Custom’s House to make our PS for Fantasmic on Thursday, it was easily done. We got a cab from here to Kissimmee Court House, our drivers name was ‘Sal’. He was very helpful running in and out of the court buildings to make sure we were at the right one. We arranged for him to pick us up an hour and a half later to take us back to WDW.

    Getting the licence was an easy process – a bit of form filling. Although both Alan and I were smirking when we had to raise our right hand to swear we were telling the truth. The whole process only took 45 min’s. When we were done the lady gave us a newlywed’s package this is given to everyone who marries in Florida. When we got outside, we got quite excited and opened it. Surprise – it contained a toilet roll, kitchen roll, washing liquid etc. All things for people setting up home together, obviously not a lot of use for us, and not something we wished to bring home. But it made us laugh. Sal picked us up and dropped us off at Downtown Disney – time for a little shopping! (Cab face was $52 returned – but believe me, we would never of found it by ourselves.

    On our shopping trip we brought Mickey and Minnie ‘Bride and Groom’ ears to wear the morning of our wedding and a lovely Millennium photo album. We walked through Pleasure Island and West Side but all was quite around here. Alan was looking longingly at DisneyQuest though. We got the bus back to CBR.

    When we arrived in our room the maid had made us a bunny out of the face cloth – which kept me happy. I had a Hot Chocolate and wrote some notes for my trip report before we headed out to get the Bus for Epcot.

    We had arranged to meet Alan’s family at the Rose and Crown in Epcot. This was the first of many times we got asked for ID. We sat outside on the patio chairs and watched the ‘world’ go by. After this we had PS for San Angel Inn in the Mexico Pavilion, we didn’t realise that it was actually inside but a cast member pointed us the right way. It was very dark inside but this gave it a romantic atmosphere with the candle light. Dinner was Veggie Burrito’s and a special Margarita for me, Alan has taco and enchilada combo meal. It cost about $50. I had to pull Alan away from the poncho stand asking him what he would do with it when we got home.

    We walked around the Lagoon and I brought some more pins. We settled on the opposite side of the road of Rose and Crown to watch the Tapestry of Nation’s parade, I had seen this on the Disney Channel before. I was very impressed. We stood in Canada to view the Illumination’s, but I kept thinking this would be better when we are on our cruise to watch this.

    We walked back with all of the crowds and managed to get on the 2nd bus to CBR, yep you guessed it, got another Hot Chocolate and settled down for the night.

    Tomorrow – Universal Studio and Halloween Horror Nights.
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    Aug 21, 1999
    "Surprise – it contained a toilet roll, kitchen roll, washing liquid etc".................. LOL!! I remember laughing at this the first time round!! Ah well! It's the thought that counts :D
    These memories must be so special to you Kaylee, particularly now a little time has passed.
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    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful reports!!!!

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