kathymc's birthday trip Day 6


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Oct 4, 1999
Cast of Characters
Kathy (me the birthday girl) and DH Danny
MomK and DadK – my parents
DadMc – Danny’s dad
Lisa and Jaime – Danny’s Sister and Brother in Law and their kids, Meagan 10, Bryce 7 and Johnna 2

Tuesday December 18, 2001
Slept ok and woken up my mom knocking on the door at 8:45. Danny still sick se we just hung out in the room and I packed up. Left the room at about 12:00 and took the boat to Epcot. Bought a pass and returned it within the hour so we could take a picture of our neighbors Steve and Beth’s picture at Leave a Legacy.

Got on the monorail to the Transportation Center to catch a bus to Downtown. Danny sick, but being a trouper. Went to Xmas shop and got a Mickey sorcerer ornament and a magnet and Mickey birthstone earrings. Then over to the Disney store. Danny really feeling crappy so we really didn’t look around much. I go the mickey ears/flag sweatshirt and danny got the mickey with the flag t-shirt. I also got a tigger travel mug and got the girls mickey hairclips and magic towels and the boys go the mickey altoids.

Went to gourmet mickey and got Steve and Jen (our neighbors who watched the animals) and dad oven mitts with mickey and Donald on them. Back to the bus and at the Swan for 3:00 is. I went over to Tubbies for a few things and Danny rested on the couches. Mom and Dad spent the day at Magic Kingdom and so did the rest of the family.

We got in the van at 4:01. I had to drive, gassed up and to the airport no problem. Uh Oh – I have dadmcs travel papers, so we just had to wait for them. Couple of ticket screwups and flights were all delayed so we got on an earlier flight that pretty much took off and landed when ours was supposed to.

Aside from Danny getting sick it was an amazing week with lots of Disney magic. Once again we overdid it but I think it was well worth it. I think everyone had a wonderful time and we are all still friends. Thanks for the many wonderful memories Mickey! It might be a while but we will be back!

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Read the whole report on your other page. I love all the pictures you included. What a great birthday present. Sounds like eveyone had fun. We are planning a trip with my sister and her family next year and I hope we all get along as well as you all have.
again for our trip in april.......the whole family is coming too.......that is super that your dh felt a little better to go to DD at the last moment.......hope you all recuped fast........

Read all & enjoyed all...poor hubby.. hope he's okay now. Thanks for sharing!


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