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I'm getting so excited about our upcoming trip to Kapalua Bay through the Concierge Collection. A few questions for anyone who has been to Hawaii and especially Kapalua Bay....

Beach Rentals...I have been told that the rentals are $25/day for cabanas and $40/day for gazebos. Are cabanas those thing that look like baby buggy hoods? What is a gazebo? There are 4 of us going...would we need a gazebo? How tacky would it be to stop at Kmart(I've heard there's one by the airport) and pick up some chairs and umbrellas. We're going to be there for 10 days and I really hate the idea of dropping $400 to rent beach equipment. Do you see any non-hotel equipment on the beach?

How is the breakfast buffet in the Gardenia Court? We get two free. Is it worth $17.95/each for my two teens?

I don't know much about snorkle equipment, but again, I hate to drop alot of money if I don't have to. Can I bring my own? Anything special about what they rent or where can I get something similar?

Is there a charge for parking?

Anybody to tip besides valet, housekeeping, bellhops, and waiters/waitresses...I assume the tipping guidelines would be the same as Disney, for example?

Any information that would be helpful for a not-very-seasoned traveler would be helpful...anything not to miss?

Oh...anybody been to the old Lahaina luau? Is it worth the $70/person?

Thanks so much for any answers/information/suggestions!!!!!
I have not stayed at Kapalua but was in Kaanapali last June. I would recommend the luau at Kaanapali Marriott. Very good. Also, I would plan to buy some snorkel gear. I lolve to snorkel and this was some of the best I have ever done. Just up the road from you towards the plantation course and just past it on the left is a public access to a snorkeling beach that was super. Just off the beach at Kapalua is also supposed to be good. Have agreat time. I would recommend taking the bike tour down Haleeakala volcano and the Maui aquarium.
Sorry, can't offer any advice on your resort, we stayed at the Hyatt in Maui, just wanted to say how beautiful the entire island is. You will love it. Have a wonderful time!!
If you are renting a car you can take a drive and rent just about anything you need once you get there (not at the resort) Look up Boss Frog and Rental Warehouse on the internet. They are in Lahaina which I think is pretty close to where you are staying and they rent snorkel gear, beach chairs, boogie boards, even coolers for picnic lunches and the rates are not bad. This way you wouldn't have to worry about lugging all that stuff back home with you. Also if this is the area I'm thinking of, there are a TON of places to eat so, again, if you have a car you can find all kinds of foods at all kinds of prices. Oh, and about the luau...I haven't been to one on Maui so I can't say for sure. We are going in June and I think I'm going to splurge for the Old Lahaina but if this is your first time and you've never been to one you will probably like any of them. I've heard good things about the Marriott Luau and the one at the Royal Lahaina Resort. People like the Old Lahaina Luau because it is strictly Hawaiian where the others are Polynesian. Let me know if you have any other questions. I've been to Hawaii before and I'm also an obsessive travel planner so I've read tons of books and talked to many people so I might be able to help you. :p

I ditto the bike ride down Haleeaklea volcano. It was our kids' favorite thing of the whole trip. It sounds horrible but don't let it scare you. The company we went through picks you up at your hotel about 2:30 a.m. so you can be at the top for the sunrise. The sunrise is beautiful and then you start down the mountain. We stopped about 10 a.m. for breakfast before finally finishing the bike ride and being dropped back at our hotel about 1 p.m. We also did a helicopter tour of the island and that was very impressive. Our pilot was a bit too daring for me, however. He kept turning trying to find the whales (it was March) and I about got sick! As far as the snorkling gear - take your own. It's cheaper and you get used to your own gear!
We have been to Hawaii several times and golfed at Kapalua but never stayed there so I can't answer many of your questions. However, we were there about a year ago on a cruise and went to the Old Lahaina Luau. It definitely was the best luau we have been to over the years. Also for reasonable snorkel rental, try Snorkel Bobs. They have daily and weekly rental. We went to 4 islands last year and they had a Snorkel Bob's on each one. The one in Maui is on your way out of Lahaina on the way to Kapalua. Maui is our favorite island and I'm sure you will love it.
Hi! We stayed at the Kapalua timeshares right across from the Kapalua Bay Hotel 3 years ago and have nothing but good things to say! The beach at your hotel was voted one of the ten best in the world! (if that tells you anything) We always just brought towels to lay on or sometimes lucked out and got a beach chair that someone else had rented and left on the beach (Okay, we're cheap, but you gotta do what you gotta do!)
The breakfast from what I remember is very good and well worth the cost. There is another restaurant across the main highway about a mile up the road (away from Lahaina) called the Plantation that was very reasonable and very good! It overlooks the golf course and all the windows are open and you can see the ocean in the distance...very nice!
Question for you if you don't mind? We are planning on going back in a couple of years and were interesting in comparing where we stayed to the Kapalua Bay hotel.
What type of room are you getting, for how long and how many points did it cost? We really would like to get an idea to see which would be more "economical" for us. Any help would be appreciated! And have a great time. Maui and the area of Kapalua is the best on the island!!

I absolutely love Maui. Didn't stay at the resort you are staying at, but just up the road from Lahaina in a condo. IMHO, the helicopter ride was about the best thing we did all week. After the ride, we took "the road to Hana". It isn't getting to Hana that is important, it is seeing the incredible rain forest and the wildlife. We went as far as we could, then turned around and came back. Just wonderful.

We also rented snorkeling gear offsite, and it was pretty reasonable. One other thing, we had 3 couples, so this was affordable, but we rented a sailboat with captain for 1/2 day of sailing. If you meet anyone willing to do it with you, it was wonderful. Everyone went snorkeling off the boat and we saw some terrific sites. You can rent the sailboats right in Lahaina.

Hava a great trip.

Marges do you go before the end of July? I'd love to hear your report. If I go first, I'll tell you what I learn. Thanks
Hi! Marges and Babylisa4---I would be very interested in your opinions of the resort as well when you return! As stated before, we are planning on going in the next two years and would really like to get some insight on the value for your points and if it is comparable to the timeshares we stayed at across the street! Enjoy your trips and I look forward to your trip reports!!
To Mickeylovescheese: I do know at Kapalua Bay we have just a hotel room so comparing it to a timeshare condo may not be the same. You can go look at Kapalua Bay's website for pictures of the rooms. The points are on the point chart too.
Thank you everyone for all the information!

We are going to be at Kapalua at the end of June...I'll post when we return. We got an ocean view room (this is a hotel...only hotel-type rooms) for 53 points a night. After we booked, member services notified us that we were eligible for a package that gave us the 6th night free and they rebated us 53 points (we were staying 10 nights) If I had known that, I probably would have booked us for 12 nights, but I already had frequent flier tickets, which are not that easy to get.

I know it is pricey points-wise, but I always trust that the accomodations will be worth it. It's nice that Disney does all the homework for you.

Does anyone know where I could buy snorkel gear? at a sporting goods store? dh isn't keen on the idea of sharing with strangers.

Would we feel out of place bringing different chairs to the beach? or is it commonly done?

Thanks again for all the info.
We own at the Sands of Kahana, which is in Disney's concierge collection. We do not like the one bedroom there and think that giving up the DVC points to exchange for a 2 bedroom is too expensive, although it would MUCH less than at the Kapalua Bay Hotel. It is also much bigger, about 1800 sq ft, and sleeps 8 Although we have not stayed there, we have gone to the Kapalua Bay Hotel for their Sunday champagne brunch, which was excellent, and will be on our "must do"s from now on. To conserve points, I would recommend the one-bedroom Kahana Beach Resort through II. This is a sister-resort to the Sands of Kahana and right next door. All the 1 bedrooms are corner units, directly on the beach.
We have gone to both the Maui Marriot and Old Lahaina luaus and liked the Old Lahaina better.
We have always taken masks and fins, but they are cheap to rent for the week, if you do not already own them.
All the beaches in Hawaii are public. I would think that the cabanas and gazebos that you spoke of were the ones by the pool. You can take whatever you want down to the beach. There is a hut on the beach that sells beach stuff too.
I hope this is helpful.


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