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    I need to get this off my chest because nobody else in my life understands-

    I was/am planning a trip to Disney for next January (2008) with my boyfriend who has never been before. I'm a graduate student and I'm stressed beyond belief. I figured planning a trip would be a great motivator to get me through it. As of next December, all my classes will be finished, my research thesis will be done and all I'll have left is 15 weeks in a public school. Essentially, I'll be finished.

    I thought we would start our spring externships when the semester started mid-January but apparently it depends on who your supervisor is... some like you to start when the kids go back in January (2nd/3rd) :eek:

    So I'm worried/upset that I'm going to have to postpone my trip until graduation (end of May). DBF says book the trip when it needs to be booked and just tell my supervisor that I can't start till I get back. If I do that, then I'm potentially cutting my 15 weeks pretty close to graduation.

    I know it's a difference of 5 months if I postpone and weather will be nicer in May... but the crowd difference between the times of year will be huge (besides the increased cost). It was going to be a 6 night trip so we could have five park days and let DBF experience it slowly. Now I'm thinking 5 nights and a really early arrival/late departure to get an extra 2 half days in... I just don't want to compromise on this one! :sad2:
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    Do you know who your supervisor is yet? If so, can you go and talk to him or her and ask them when they want you to start? It may be that they don't normally start until later anyway, or would be willing to make an exception in the circumstances.

    Good luck and I hope everything turns out well :hug:.

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