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Jun 2, 2000
I am very new to Universal board--always spend all our time at WDW, but thinking of trying Universal after reading some neat stuff, about this park. So, if we do this, have given thought to staying HRH, and want to make sure I understand correctly; I can buy the Entertainment book for MY city(it doesn't have to be Orlando), and use the membership card that comes with it to try and obtain the entertainment discount rate for the hotel?? Is it hard to get the rate for the rooms (are there limited # of rooms "put aside" for this, or is it a "time of year" thing?) Any other help or info anyone thinks I should have would certainly be appreciated!! Thanks! :)

I just did this. I called and booked a room at the HRH for the end of August. I was quoted a rate of $185. When I asked for the entertainment rate I was told $117.50. You have to show your card at checkin (which comes with every book, not just the Orlando one). So after I booked with the great rate, I ordered the book for the city nearest to me through the internet. Money well spent, even if I never use any of the coupons in the book! $ ;)
Aloha and welcome,
Yes, you can buy the Entertainment Book for your own city and use the card at the HRH.
It seems that there are a limited number of rooms allowed at the EC rate. So I would call first and be sure you can get the reservations you want and then get the card. You need the card by the time you check in and not when you make the reservations... ;)
If you plan to travel after November 1, 2001, you should wait to order your card because the current cards expire on that date.
You will love it. We did. :)
They will accept the entertainment rate until rooms are booked up to 80% full capacity-
I really appreciate your help; we are getting excited about trying something new; we never seem to have the time to go off property when we are at Disney, but, we are so intrigued by how Universal seems to be growing, we can't wait to give it a try! And, this perk of going to the front of the line sounds like a really great idea! We will be reading this board faithfully now, to see whatever other secrets and tips we can find! Thanks again! :cool:



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