Just off the Magic Jan20-28/06

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Just got back from our first ever Disney Cruise. We went with my dh and another couple.
    We were concerned that we flew out the day of our cruise, as everyone on the board suggested that we go the day before, but our luck was with us and we arrived at Orlando airport right on time at 12:30pm. We were a little confused as to where the dcl was located so if anyone else is unsure it is on the bottom level all the way to the end.
    We were also a bit concerned as we put our luggage on the plane in Buffalo and would not see it again until we were in our rooms...but again that worked out great and we didn't need to worry.

    We got to the ship about 1:30pm which I felt was a good time to arrive. Our rooms were ready so we didn't need to lug our carry on bags around with us. It was so exciting to see the mickey ears and walk through them onto our ship!!

    We had Palo reservations that evening for 7pm, and got dressed up to go. After reading all the great reviews about Palo's I must say that we were disappointed. We found the menu difficult to understand, and the waiter has such an accent that we didn't understand her either. The food was good, but I thought that the food in the main dining rooms was just as good. The souffle was delicious, I know why everyone talks about it. Maybe we weren't as impressed because this is the first place we ate and never being on a cruise before I must admit we were somewhat bewildered for the first two days. It takes awhile to get accusomed to everything and where to go and what to do.

    The weather was great, but it was a bit rocky...ok not just a bit. But no one got sick, my dh felt a little off one night and that was it. He has motion sickness, so if anyone would get sick it would be him.

    Once we got the hang of things better, we started to relax and really enjoyed our cruise. The shows were outstanding. We went to Rockin Bar D most evenings and enjoyed the entertainment there.

    There was a show that the cruise staff did on their last day, in diversions, it was hilarious...I wish I had taken a video camera just for that!! Don't miss it! It was only for adults, but it was great!

    All in all we had a wonderful time, but wish we had taken another week and gone to the parks after, it never seems long enough!

    Everyone on the ship was friendly and helpful. I can't say enough. Sorry this isn't as detailed as I would like as I am trying (unsuccessfully so far) to catch up on work at home...still in cruise mode. I got used to being waited on hand and foot....I even forgot my purse when I went shopping with my daughter on Monday....the KTTW card just won't work here???

    Any questions and I will try to help

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