Just made my Ressie! Woo Hoo!


Apr 28, 2001
Well, thanx to the info on this board I just made my reservation at the HRH at the Entertainment Card rate of $117.50! It's for August 21&22.

I did specifically ask if the FOTL access was ALL DAY...and she said that right now it is, and that she knows of NO plans to change that for now. I did point out to her that the video I recieved and some of the literature said "during specific times"...but she said it was All Day.

I asked a few other questions...but really didn't feel the need as I've learned so much from here already.

So, now it's off to order Kelly's book. And...to call my sister and let her know that I need her to hire me to work extra hours with her catering business....as I've got vacation money to earn!

Thank you to all! When I first started this last week, I went online and saw that the HRH would cost $189.00 a night...and although I thought it would have been great, it was too high priced..but as I've come on here and found out about the entertainment rate and the irreplacable FOTL it's now become a wonderful reality!

Thanx to all, :)

CindyZ in CT, and Mom of 3!
I am sooo excited. I was also told FOTL was ALL day, and that we can use the pools at Portifino,we probably won't but that's a nice perk. Plus the pool at Hard rock is 12,000 sq foot with a 250 foot spiral slide. I CAN'T WAIT... 22 days left....
THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just made reservations a month ago. I couldn't come up with enough to stay at HRH though. I really wanted to do that too. Maybe next time. The worst part is, I'm not going until August, so I have to wait forever.

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