Just got my vacation confirmation and it say FOTL access for the first hour only!


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Nov 30, 1999
I just got my reservation confirmation the other day and when I looked it over, I noticed that it says FOTL access for the first hour after park opening only. Does that mean they are doing away with FOTL access all day now or what? That is the main reason we decided to stay on site and we hardly ever make it to the parks by the opening time. Wouldn't that just be like Universal Express? Anyone know anything?



Somebody please tell us this is not true. I changed all my vacation plans around due to this little perk of staying on site. Hope someone can clear this up to my liking... :D

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I would not fret too much Carrie. I just checked universalorlando.com and both Hard Rock Hotel and Portofino Bay state that FOTL access is all day everyday! Have fun!



If I were you I'd call the hotel and get guest services to confirm this for you. The websites are mostly advertisements so I'd need written confirmation of this "change in perks".

Please let us know the answer you get...


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The only thing they could tell me is that they have no current plans on discontinuing this service but in case they do, they are not guaranteeing this as a perk! Anyone else know anything?



Well to make it perfectly clear. Had my travel agent tell me today that FOTL is for the first two hours every day for selected rides. Not sure why I get that answer as I will be there for three days in the last week of May.

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This is true Michael if you are staying offsite and will take advantage of express using a multiday pass. If you are an onsite guest FOTL is all day open to close.


Guests of the hotels at Universal Orlando are sure to receive the superstar treatment with special theme park privileges that include:

Front-of-the-Line Access
On-Site Hotel Guests Enjoy "No Line, No Wait" Express Ride Access All Day, Every Day!
Guests of Portofino Bay Hotel and the Hard Rock Hotel can enjoy “No Line, No Wait” UNIVERSAL EXPRESS access at most rides and attractions at Universal Studios® and Islands of Adventure theme parks. This special privilege is valid during normal operating hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year!

This is printed from Universal's official site:


Jessica: I did not make it clear that I was staying at the Portofino. I certainly like your answer:) and will run it through my travel agent again. Somehow things must have gotten mixed up.
Thanks for your information/clarification.

When we stayed at the Portofino in November, they told us at check-in that we had FOTL until noon. When we went to the parks the next day, we found out that it was ALL DAY. Just another example of employees not getting the word on policies??
The all day, every day front of the line perk is relatively new, so it's possible that the word hasn't filtered down to everyone (like travel agents and the people responsible for keeping printed materials up to date). I just got a bunch of press kits for the various parks and hotels and found a number of inaccuracies.

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I guess I will assume this will still be a perk later this year when we go. I won;t worry about it until it is gone! Thanks!
BTW-I really liked your book Kelly-and said so on Amazon's page!



The entire FOTL system is changing the week after next. Stayed tuned for the press release.


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