just got confirmation for HRH - big question about FOTL!!!!


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Feb 17, 2001
Hi all! I stayed at Portofino Bay in February. When I called for my reservation, the reservationist said she was supposed to also inform me that by staying onsite, I would be receiving FOTL priveleges all day.

Flash forward to March. I call for a reservation for HRH and the reservationist makes no such statement about FOTL all day. In addition, I just got my confirmation and the HRH brochure with it, and as a perk, the brochure lists, "FOTL priveleges for "specific park hours". What's going on? ARe on site guests now subject to the time constaints for FOTL that multi day pass holders adhere to? (i.e. only until 12:00)? Please give me help!!! I will be so disappointed in we don't have FOTL all day! That may sound greedy, but we will be there on a very crowded weekend (memorial day) for just three days to clebrate my son's 6th birthday with friends from across the country! I don't want to waste time standing in lines!!!

Will someone please let me know if onsite guests can still use FOTL all day? Thank you!
I just got my confirmation too, and after reading the brochure came here to post the same question!!

We are spending 5 days at WDW, and at the last minute decided to throw in an extra day at IOA. Spent $183 on a room that we will only sleep in, since we have a flight out early the next am. But, since we only have one day, we justified the cost by figuring we could spend more time riding and less time waiting in line.
Anyone know what is up with this?
See Barry Horn's post on Trip info. getting to the front of the line. It states that on site guests get FOTL access all day every day.
Yep, resort guests still get fotl access all day...don't worry about it. This is a great perk...you can get so much done! ;) :) :cool:

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I thought they were going to be limiting this to once per ride per day. Have they changed this again?

We're going in May (hey, that's next month!) and booked the HRH based on the FOTL program as it was at that time. I've seen it bounce back and forth between "no limit" to "limit once per ride per day". Anybody know for sure what the deal will be mid May?

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If you take time to think about it.... if it were once per day, how on earth would they be able to tell if you had ridden three or even four times. You just show them the room key, it's not like they scan it or anything, and therefore would never know if you had ridden or not. Unless you obviously are going right on again many times in a row, which to me doesn't make sense when there is so much else to see and do.

As it was explained previously they were to scan your room key at each ride, thereby making sure you didn't get on more than once per day. Hopefully they haven't installed those scanners yet!

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No FOTL info just LOVING mattman2k's signature! :eek:



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Thanks MOM! Wish I could say it's just a joke but such is my life. But at least I had a great view of my newly painted house when I camped in the back yard!!

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We will be here in April and our confirmation notice reads different then yours - ours says "front of the line access all day everyday" So I am wondering if they will be changing the program after April some time.
But the are still advertising on TV - saw it tonight - stay at the HR and get FOTL all day everyday - so I am now confused.
See, that's what I am wondering. If yours says one thing and mine says another, that seems to lend itself to the idea that they are changing the policy. I have actually received three brochures from them. Maybe they are sending them out to everyone whether they have already received one or not in order to make sure that they have the one that says "during select park hours". I am still really concerned. Like I said, the one I got from Portofino Bay said all day. That was in February. Now in April, the one from HRH says "during select hours". Also, just ot state once again, the reservationist also did not tell me all day, as the one had told me when I reserved Portofino Bay.
just got back yesterday and stayed at hard rock. the hotel is fantastic and the fotl is the best perk ever. we never waited more than 3 or 4 minutes for any ride all day..just show your room key and walk right on even for spiderman and the most popular ones. have a great time!
I got a confirmation and brochure a few days ago, and then got another (who knows why) today. Both brochures were identical...they were dated January 2001. They said something to the effect of "FOTL access for choice attractions at select times." I called the hotel directly, mainly to see why I received 2 confirmations and wanted to make sure I wasn't booking two rooms. THe very nice and helpful gentleman I spoke with assured me that FOTL is all day every day, and was very confused as to why the brochure said that. Maybe they are old brochures?? Anyway, he did put my mind at ease over this. :)
And all day doesn't mean that it will be as often as you want all day long. I'm assuming (if they do limit FOTL access to one ride a day) that we will switch parks mid-day so that we'll be able to get front of the line on all of the possible rides a day.

MDmom, where do you live?
Since the brochure is dated January and nobody seems to have encountered anything differently yet, I don't think they have changed it. I sure hope not--that is the only reason why I am willing to pay $183 for a room that we will only sleep in!


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