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Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by mickeymikey, Sep 10, 2002.

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    Oct 5, 2000
    let me first say i love disney....but i can see the writing on the wall...just got back and have to say i can see disey going down hill faster than a bobsled....the rides closed in the magic kingdom were....carosel of progress...which i think will be gone soon..timekeeper gone.....haunted mantion closed till sept 21 or 27 not sure which...keel boats gone....talk of closing people mover....they are closing all this with nothing to replace them...epcot the melstrom ride closed for refubishing...the america show down for technicle difficulties....horizon gone but they are doing the mission mars...the cast members are just going through the motions on the rides and they are not many around the parks disney has cut them to the bone...the shops have all the same things in them not the unusual things you use to see.....also the food prices no longer include tax..useto be if it said 2.50 for something it included tax not sure when they changed but thats a 7.5% increase...they can keep the hat in mgm what a waste of space and money just another store..the abc provillion is just one big commercial for abc....use to have the sound stage where guest could play in little shows like day of our live and lucy..use to love that...did get to animal kingdom so dont know about that park

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