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  1. 2cute4u

    2cute4u Earning My Ears

    Feb 10, 2004
    We arrived on the Friday 12th, by air from Calgary, Alberta.
    2 adults, (10 and 7 year old, boys) 2 tickets were by airmiles.
    We stayed in a condo off site, in Kissimmee, with another family.
    We bought our tickets through Mapleleaf tickets on a Wed, and they arrived on a monday, a few weeks before leaving. Because I actually got the tickets, we had to wait for our friends, to get their fun and sun vouchers to be switched into the tickets.

    Rented Car through budget, with tank of gas (could return it empty), and full size car (as Mid size SUV's were all out) -$233 US

    On Saturday, -Sea World -used Southwestern Airlines discount to save 20% on admission. We were given a free adult admission also from another couple in front of us, we passed it along to the the family that was staying with, as they had more children, and they were spending big bucks on this trip, as they were going on the cruise, too!

    Sunday -Went to Animal Kingdom
    We came across a good lunch deal at a McDonald's sponsor, while at the park, lunch entree and drink, plus ice cream bar/cone or popcorn, and bottled pop/or water, for $12.77 and adult, and
    $6. something for a child. We figured we actually saved money that day!

    Monday -MGM Studios
    Tuesday -the only day it rained, we spent the day at Disney Quest, and did some shopping at downtown disney afterwards, when it wasn't raining (amazing free parking!! at downtown and at the water parks!)

    Wednesday -Magic Kingdom (friend's daughter we figured she got food poisoning, as it hit very sudden and better the next day)
    Her young daughter age 6, was washing her hands, took off her plastic disney watch that she had just bought the day before, and it got snatched, while she was washing her hands. Of course, she cried and was really upset, and many others tried to help find it. A cast member returned with a voucher to replaced the watch, with a watch of her choice, as they didn't want anyone to have a negative experience. She picked out a nice leather watch, the cheapest they could find for $33.

    Thursday -Typhoon Lagoon, and Epcot from 7-9 p.m. (We got free parking at Epcot, coming later in the evening!)
    Friday -Blizzard Beach from 10-2, then Magic Kingdom from closing.
    (my son, got heat stroke, and threw up by the end of the night)

    I had my nose in the unofficial guide the whole time, it became my bible!! It sure is humourous, and worth every penny of it.

    The longest we ever waited was 40 minutes for a ride. We lucked out well, at Magic Kingdom, having been given fast passes by a cast member, without having to put our tickets in, allowed us to get another fass pass, without having to wait an hour or more, before we could get another one. At the end of the evening, we literally, just walked in to see philharmagic again, and with no crowd control, we could sit whereever we wanted. We also, did the same, with Pirates of the Carribean, we came across it, with a 0 min wait, we did have to wait a bit, but it was a ride where we were to hit it on the 2 day plan, and we didn't have, too as we had it done by the 1st day. On our 2nd day at MK, we went and got fast passes, for the rides that we knew we wanted to go on again and would soon run out -such as space mountain. It was fun and busy going from 7 - 10 each night, I really though feel I need a vacation, from my Vacation! and I don't want to see another french fries or chicken strips, hamburgers, any grease for a long time. They could sell more fruits/vegetables in the lower cost restaurants!
  2. TimNDansMom

    TimNDansMom DIS Veteran

    Mar 23, 2000
    Welcome back, 2cute4u. Great trip report. I can't believe that someone would snatch a watch from a 6 year old. That was terrific of Disney to replace it.
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  4. bunnyfoo

    bunnyfoo <font color=red>It's Monday and my mind was somewh

    Jun 2, 2002
    That's pretty low that someone would swipe a watch from a child :mad: Good for Disney replacing the watch ... :)

    I agree with you about the food choices ... lots of greasy and fried foods. There are a couple of places like Pecos Bill that will let you substitute fries for baby carrots. The good thing about a Disney vacation is all the walking you do every day!
  5. Scratch42

    Scratch42 <font color=navy>I Owe, I Owe, so Off to Work I go

    Apr 30, 2002
    Thanks for the trip report!

    I too cannot believe it but then again even WDW has it's deliquents! At least it turned into a Magic Momment!

    Yeah, you gotta watch those counter places, way too much grease!

  6. DisneyLisa

    DisneyLisa <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/index.

    Jun 19, 2000
    Welcome back. So glad WDW was generous enough to make up for something horrible like that happening to a young child. Unbelievable what some people will do. :(
  7. pkitty

    pkitty Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirates life for me

    Oct 2, 2002
    My DD got really sick on the trip down...I think it was food poisoning also...threw up all the way from Macon to Kissimmee...really fun slept it off and was better the next day!!!! I find the food safety a little questionable myself. TSK TSK on the watch snatching....people sure do suck sometimes!!!!:mad:

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