Just got back from DL/DCA/Grand Californian

Steve BWV'99

Oct 21, 1999
Just got back from a 4 day stay at GC and checked out the new park. The weather wasnt the best, but it didnt damper our spirits :) We used DVC points for our stay.

The GC is a fabulous hotel, it reminded me of the Wilderness Lodge with a eloquent feel to it. The staff was outstanding (except for a few issues with early housekeeping requests).

We really enjoyed DCA, especially having the Grizz River Run right outside the hotel :). We ate at Avalon Cove (good food but pricey), Storytellers Cafe-dinner, Rainforest Cafe-lunch, ESPN Zone-lunch, Yribba Yribba-lunch, and the Blue Bayou-dinner. Had excellent meals at all the restaurants.

Being spring break, Fastpass worked out really well for us, even though the rides at DCA never got above 45 minutes.

We had a great time and will defenitly stay at the GC again.



WL/BC-6/99 - 1st trip! Became DVC members!
BWV/VB - 5/00
DL/DCA (Grand Californian) - 4/01
DCL/BWV - 5/02
The thing I enjoyed the most was how they connected the parks with Downtown Disney and hotels. We went down for a quick spontaneous trip ( I got a cortisone injection in my foot and I was feeling spunky) It made me feel like I was in WDW (immersed in Disney ) It will never replace WDW , but I think they did a fabulous job given incredible space limitations)

I requested a themepark room but got a courtyard instead, which was ok since we were able to get into the room at 1pm. I probably could have waited longer to get a theme park view. I didnt ask for an upgrade


WL/BC-6/99 - 1st trip! Became DVC members!
BWV/VB - 5/00
DL/DCA (Grand Californian) - 4/01
DCL/BWV - 5/02

Could you hear noise or music from the park or Downtown Disney? I have reservations for a "standard view" room and would prefer a quiet location. I can live without a view and will be much happier with quiet nights. Could you see the monorail? Was it loud? I have a printout of the hotel that I pulled from this site and am leaning toward requesting a courtyard view room. Any info you can give would be great! Thanks, Mal
We were at the GC in March. We had a courtyard view room. Here are my thoughts (from my trip report):

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>It [our room] was on the fifth floor. The balcony overlooked the courtyard where the monorail cuts through the hotel and a portion of Downtown Disney...Although I had heard complaints about noise, and although there was (loud) music playing in Downtown Disney from early morning until late at night, you simply couldn’t hear it inside the room when the balcony door was closed.[/quote]

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We also had a Monorail Courtyard view room but were only about 15 feet away. You could hear the Monorail when the patio door was open but could hardly hear anything from it when the door was closed. There was more noise coming from the hallway than outside.


I agree with above posts, with the door closed we heard hardly any noise at all, and the only noise we heard with the door open was the monorail and people in the courtyard occasionaly. I didnt hear any noise from Downtown Disney. Our room number was 4162.


WL/BC-6/99 - 1st trip! Became DVC members!
BWV/VB - 5/00
DL/DCA (Grand Californian) - 4/01
DCL/BWV - 5/02
We had a park view room off the main lobby.
You could hear the music from Paradise Pier softly in the distance. And durning the day (we went back to the room for a mi-day break) you could easily hear the music from the piano in the lobby. It actually kept me from really napping, but hey, its Disney, I shouldnt be napping anyway - when there is fun to be had ;)

Thanks for all the replies. I think I'll try for the courtyard view. Maybe I'll be so exhausted from my days of fun at the park I'll just collapse at night. I always travel with earplugs, but they really don't do much for music and the loud bass thumping. We'll be at the GC May 3-8 and can't wait to experience the parks.


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