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    Well the last time my wife and I were in Shanghai was April of 2016. We missed Disneyland by two months. Was able to see it from the Maglev.

    So since we have 10 years visas, we are going back. Dfw to PVG, then HKG to DFW.
    We are going to do two nights at Toy Story Hotel, and a day and half a the park. We will fly to Guilin for two nights, then a G train to Hong Kong. I have a lot of Marriott points, so we booked four nights at The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. So that will allow us to go to Disneyland Hong Kong for a day. Also with a side trip to Macau as well.

    We are so excited to see three new cities in Southern China.

    The biggest question I have is the security check at Shanghai Disneyland. Do hotel guest have to go through the same line as the day guest? I know there is a separate entrance at the gate last security.
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    Hotel guests have a separate security entrance through Disneytown. This is available till 11:30am for hotel guests only. Then it is open to the general public. This line is much more manageable!

    You will need to already have your park tickets, passport and special hotel card to show at the turnstiles. If you don't have park tickets, you will have to brave the main security lines at the main gates to access ticket booths past security.

    Grab your tickets from hotel concierge before you head to the parks to get the extra fast pass as well!

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