Just Booked HRH for 4 Nights in November w/Ent. Club Rate


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Aug 17, 1999
Well I took the plunge and made reservations for the HRH for Nov 24-28. I was able to book a garden view room for only $117.50 with the Entertainment Club rate. Thanks so much to everyone on this board for that information.

Since this is our first time venturing off Disney property I will need to spend some time over here learning all about USF and IOA. :D



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LOL Becka - Me too! I've been to Universal Studios for a day trip but never to IOA and never on site! I'll be there in May. This board doesn't move as quickly as the WDW ones, but if you go back and just scroll through the pages you'll find lots of good info!

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Aloha and welcome. :)
You are going to love it.

And don't forget to check out the Universal trip reports board too. ;)


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