Just booked another WDW vacation...any money raising ideas.


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Mar 9, 2001
I'm addicted to these boards and WDW! Guess I'll just have to get a second job to support my habit. :rolleyes:

We have a jar on the kitchen counter with a label that says "DISNEY WORLD HERE WE COME!!!" Kids and DH put change in the jar. I hardly ever have much cash because I usually write checks when I do my shopping. So if I go to a store where I can get cash back, I always write it for $5 over. The $5 goes in the jar. If I go to two grocery stores that day, then $10 goes in the jar! Works for me since I hardly ever have much change!

So we don't have a HUGE amount of money sitting on our kitchen counter, when we reach $150 I cash it in for travelers checks. (Remember to keep receipt separate from checks in case something happens to them!) We now have $300 in travelers checks for our August trip! We also cashed in our "jar" when we bought our plane tickets and we had $103 to go towards them! It really adds up fast and our kids love counting it!

Other tips: Check out the rewards board for money earning ideas. My two favorite programs right now are Search Cactus and Netflip. Both pay cash!

Keep copies of your packing list from trip to trip. Makes it easier next time. Also when you are 3-4 months out, go over your list and make a separate list of everything you will need to buy before you go. Then each week when you do your shopping, buy one or two items from your list, like a roll of film, or batteries, etc. It helps not to have a HUGE expense right before you leave!

From one WDW addictee to another . . . have fun!!!
here is my suggestion: make sure that you cannot see inside the change jar! i noticed that we are saving alot more since i transferred our change to a decorated coffee can! also i take all of my cans and bottles to the recycler. that money goes in my change jar.


We've got a 5 gal water jug that I through all our change into at the end of the day. My husban never gets to keep his change! When he empties his pockets at night, I always manage to sneak the change away and throw it in the jar. I also return all our soda & beer cans/bottles for the .05 refund we get in CT and all refund $ goes into the jar. I have a tag sale every year and the $ goes in the jar and when I sold all my baby furniture and equip. the money went in the jar.

We recently started counting and rolling the coins and I have over $1000.00! Over $670 in quarters alone! It only took about 1 1/2 to 2 yrs. for this.

We're going in Aug. for 5 nites and staying at the ASMovs. Can't wait. Still looking for ways to save up. Already have paid for airline tickets and 1/2 of hotel bill!

Have thought about reward boards, but don't know where to find, how they work, etc. Anyone can help? Thanks and good luck!
We have several "change cups" that we plan on cashing in shortly before our November trip. Like everyone else all of our change goes in these cups and we try to always break a dollar so the change can go in the cup.

Another thing my husband and I started doing, was after our trip this January when we decided that we wanted to go back in November we figured if we saved about $5 to $10 a day we'd have no problem. It's been pretty easy. We just decided to each stop spending money on one thing we could do without. I stopped picking up that daily "grande cappucino" and blueberry muffin after dropping the kids off at pre-school and he's given up his afternoon brownie from the office snack bar. We're well on our way to saving for WDW and I've lost about 15 pounds! :D :D :D :D
If you are interested in learning about rewards programs there is a forum here, I think it is under the heading "Just for Fun." It is excellent, lots of info and everyone is helpful. I just started a month ago so I am still a newbie! Good Luck!
I took a bunch of my DD old clothes to consignment = $248, sold some of my old clothes = $100, had a yard sale last weekend = $334. It has been amazing to me how much I have been able to save, not to mention my house is much more organized after getting rid of things we no longer need/use.


I'll tell you what i am doing, my friend eans 1000 a month!!!! I am starting....I need alto f $$to getthere from down under!!!


We were planning on moving next month so, about a 2 months ago, I started packing things we don't use regularly to help with the clutter for when we started showing this house to prospective buyers. Well, it's AMAZING all the stuff you have around that you don't think you can part with until it's out of sight!! Turns out we are NOT going to move until next year...so now I'm having a garage sale and listing on eBay ALL the things in the boxes. I have not missed a SINGLE thing I packed in over 2 months now (and believe me, it's a LOT of boxes!)...so it's all going to a new home (someone else's!) and the money I get goes right into the Disney fund!!
If you don't do it already. Start shopping using sales and coupons, and stockpile food. Since, I've been doing it, about a month now, I've saved at least 70% off my monthly food bill, sometimes more. and I've been able to save some $$ doing this.

If you want some pointers, go over to the "Tips of the Trade" board at MyCoupons.com, there are a lot of friendly people who will help show you how save the most you can.


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Wow, thanks everyone for the great ideas. There are lots I'm going to try. I think the money can instead of a money jar might help too--I dipped into mine this morning for soda money--bad girl. :rolleyes: Maybe if I can't see it I won't dip! Gonna check out the rewards board too & see about selling some stuff on e-bay.

I love the DIS, everyone is so helpful.


I started doing the money jar thing a couple of months ago , just putting change in there I saved almost $70 bucks, we are going in August and I don't care if it's $100 or $1000 bucks, that would be money we wouldn't have if I didn't do this. DH is always looking for his change so I took it out of sight and I'm always on the lookout for change laying around!! LOL. No I DO NOT dip into the can, I have will power for that!!
I've been babysitting for some of the attorney's at my firm and that money goes into our vacation account - yard sales net over $100 twice a year (sometimes more), brown bagging at least a couple times a week saves more than you think (I also keep a 6-pack of soda under my desk that I buy on sale - beats paying 60 cents each time in the machine!) Our biggest variable expense (with 3 teens!) is my grocery bill, so I've been vigilent about using coupons, watching the sale flyers and utilizing lots of leftovers! Was able to trim $150 a month off food bill that I'm putting into vacation account - lots of little things can add up quickly. I stopped buying magazines and books - go to the library (saves on clutter at the house too!) - stopped the daily paper - we get it at work and I read it in the lunchroom while I'm eating my brought from home lunch!

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Yeah, coupons and rebates are my intention too. IfI buy something with a coupon, I try to save the "savings" and also the rebates separately for the vacation fund.


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