just back - US was AMAZING! Beats WDW hands down


Earning My Ears
Feb 7, 2001
Just got back from 3 days WDW and US - no one on any of these boards ever said how amazing/movie-like and intricate the Universal rides are!! My husband/dad and 11 yo son rode MIB twice and then came outside for me! This is the most mind-blowing (in a good way) ride - appropriate for all but the youngest kids! Any elementary school age kid who watches cartoons will adore it. We (9 yo girl; 5 yo and grandparents too)rode ET 3 times in a row when the park opened. Disney makes such a big deal about Winnie the Pooh and updating Mr. Toad --- the US rides were much more scenic, artful, special-effects and interesting.
If anyone has questions about specific rides, ages of kids appropriate etc I'll answer. We stayed outside park at Caribe Royale - very nice but $$. I have a whole other rant and rave about WDW price gouging (And I'm not cheap or poor) but $6.99 for a lunch hamburger; $13 for a plastic sword and $7.99 for ice cream sundae in the park is more than Manhattan prices..
Hey Ratman,

We agree that US/IOA beats WDW hands down. Our first vacation was going to be primarily WDW with one day at US. After that day we cancelled a Disney day to go back to US. Last year we only did one day at MGM and that was just for Tower of Terror. Next trip is going we are going to all of the parks because we have family going that have never been to WDW before, but my son is already complaining about having to go to the Disney parks (too "babyish").

Glad you had fun.
Besides the rides with the height restrictions what else should we avoid? How did your kids handle T2? Spiderman? Thoose are the two I am waffling on. MIB I think will be to intense for the 6yo, she never liked the movie trailer. My 4yo is made of steel and can probably handle anything. Unfortunatly she is a shrimp 37" tall!


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